degree classification

Congrats to those who received their degree classification! I got myself a law degree! yay!

I’ve not been busy lately even though I’ve not been updating my homepage. Last night, I played indoor soccer at MISA, Seksyen 17. It was fun even though my stamina was down the drain. And 2 days ago, I was at Techcircuit at Atmosphere with Ben, Cris and the shuffling gang. It was great too (despite the fact that the club was more than half empty).

My sleeping pattern has gone all fuckup. I dont know why. I’m dead tired whenever I goto sleep but I’ll end up waking in the in wee hours of the morning (it’s 8AM now, I slept at 4AM last night). Now, I cant sleep. It’s been going on for days Jet lag? hm, dont think so. Probably it’s due to stress (exams are over but yet stress with many other things) or probably it’s within my family genes (my mum has to take sleeping pills in order to sleep)

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  1. woohoo! someone is enjoying home!! blekk!! wei dunno how to reply people mail one arr?! haahahahaha anyway ehehehehe don’t go back so soon dude!!! i’m due to fly back coming friday!!!

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