Deltarovers Climbing Gym, Kepong. Kuala Lumpur

Last year, I met up with Ping, Fai, Carness, Yap and Amos at Delta Rovers Climbing Gym at Kepong to climb. It was my first time there.

Almost every corner of the gym is covered with a climbing wall. Even the ceiling, which is about 2 storeys away, has handholds!

The gym is mainly for bouldering. I dont recall seeing any walls to top rope.

Unlike the climbing routes in the other gyms in Kuala Lumpur, Delta Rovers has something different.

It has a swing. One has to start by sitting on the swing and swing towards two handholds and thereafter continue with the route.

Another unique route features a tyre on the last hold. After enduring a tough route, one has to finish the route by jumping towards the tyre and hang on to it.

Map to Deltarovers

EDIT [30.3.2007] – Delta Rover Climbing Gym was destroyed in a fire on 28.3.2007.

Blaze destroys wholesale camping and equipment centre

KUALA LUMPUR: A one-stop wholesale camping and equipment centre, which also provided rock-climbing facilities, was gutted in a fire causing losses of up to RM5mil at Taman Kepong here.
The blaze started at about 8.30pm and spread quickly due to strong winds.

Two Vietnamese workers and at least 10 others who were carrying out their rock climbing activity managed to escape.

Federal Territory Fire and Rescue Department operations assistant director Md Ali Ismail said 30 firefighters in five fire engines arrived at the scene 20 minutes after receiving a call at about 8.50pm.

He said the firemen initially had a tough time battling the blaze due to low water pressure but the problem was overcome after several pumps were used to draw water from a nearby hydrant.

The fire was brought under control within an hour.

Md Ali said the fire could have started from the back portion of the premises, where two of the workers were staying.

“We were told that the workers were cooking in the kitchen and a fire started, causing the gas cylinder to explode.

“The workers tried to put out the flames with a fire extinguisher but the fire spread quickly,” he said.

Owner of the premises, Datuk Low Kok Chuan, 44, said that the top portion of the one-and-half-story building, which was also a factory producing the equipment, was renovated only recently.

Source: The Star Newspaper

15 thoughts on “Deltarovers Climbing Gym, Kepong. Kuala Lumpur”

  1. The Swing and tyre was installed there for fun to add spice during the Maniac Bouldering competition which was held in December.
    The new addition of a staglatite was only bolted in a few weeks ago.

  2. XES: Francis told me they are going to remove it soon. But looks like ‘soon’ is not very errr ‘soon’. The staglatite will be permanent. Just to add more improvisation to the routes.
    Ping: Can arrange to go outdoors. Just call me.
    LX: You can just go there and climb, there is no fees for the first few times. Just tell Francis or Ah Hong (staff) you want a free trial.

  3. first timers are free. if they remember your face the next time, it’s RM10 per entry. shoe rental RM4.
    if you want to join the membership it’s RM140 i think.

  4. umeng: come la, when u come back we go camp 5!
    darren: yea i have a wnew pair 😀
    ahlokkor: staglatite damn hard to start. cis. ping and i are dying for outdoors! we wanna bring some n00bs along also
    baburs: woo u’ve been there huh

  5. ahlok kor:how about feb 3?is a saturday…so what ur opinion?we wanna try other wall as well since we try before nyamuk, red wall, damai and white wall only…hope u can set a date for us

  6. I bring you guys to Nanyang. The team worked very hard to clear the place as it was overrun with bushes and small trees. Its kinda cleared now. But still bring lots of mosquito repellent.

  7. xes : i just started climbing again after years of not climbing. damn karat man. my friends and i are there every friday petang.

  8. xes : used to go to summit la.. 2 years back. and then now my friends always go delta.
    summit changed the boulder wall isit?

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