It’s been a year plus since I had my teeth checked. So yesterday morning, Dad and I had an appointment with the dentist. It was a quick one and all the lady did was brushing and polishing. And oh yeah, she made a new pair of night guard for my bruxism.

I can’t help noticing the existence of my dentist’s assistance. Time to time, she’ll be shoving a vacuum into my mouth. I can’t help thinking what’s on her mind. Maybe, “oh oh, here’s a puddle of saliva suck it suck ittt”.

Oh yeah, I have bad news. I might have to remove one of my wisdom teeth. But I’m only able to do so after the wisdom tooth has fully grown out. I don’t want to go thru the excruciating pain that Lynnzter went thru. SOBS

She said,

I finally got ALL of my third molars removed. The surgery was a wee bit more complicated compared to the previous one. An incision had to be made in the gum tissue, and the tooth had to be cut into sections, and each section was then individually removed. And obviously, it hurts like hell too! *sob sob* Well, I’m just glad that it’s finally over. Subsequent agenda would be whether I should get braces done or not. I’m still contemplating about it. Not sure if I can commit myself with steels stuck to my pearly whites for the next 2 years. Ugh. And not forgetting another round of extraction to remove 4 of my pre-molars. Eeks.

The needle the orthondontist used for the injection of the local anaesthesia.

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14 thoughts on “Dentist”

  1. I’m comtemplating getting braces. Both of my brothers are doing it now and it looks like hell to me.And oh yah xes, don’t need to think wat’s on her mind. I tell u now that she want to suck more than juz the puddle of saliva in your mouth.:P

  2. if yer lucky you dont have to remove it.. like me.. i have 4 wisdom tooth grown out. Luckily theres space.One of em is tilted quite bad shape. So after every meal there alwiz some left overs particles stuck between the teeths. gets real annoying though.

  3. selina: congrats!!! 😀 Gavin: dont lanci..otherwise u might have to remove ALL your wisdom teethgguni: dont need to get braces la, by the tiem you’re 80, all your teeth will fall out ekkeklynn: ai sui mai mia.. directly translated as want pretty dowan lifeivan: euw.. rotting behind already mann

  4. AIKS! I have to remove mine too. 2 of them are impacted so it’s best to remove them. But i’m praying that it won’t get infection and then I MUST HAVE IT REMOVED! *horrors*Yea, the extraction bloody hurts. My dad had it, and he had to open his jaws wide for a whole hour and more! I’d rather the dentist surgeon knock me out completely. Either that or someone please punch me into unconsciousness!

  5. oh ello sapphire pearl! new to this website? 😀 oooo.. you should get the doctor to knock you off! but u’ll still feel the pain when u wake up ! 😀

  6. *nods head* yes yes…. currently doing mech engineering in liverpool. how do u know? u’re not psychic r u?

  7. If food gets stuck @ the back of your teeth, can readily eat during the left overs when u’re hungry. Don’t need mamak liow…And one effective way to remove any tooth, have someone punch u real hard in the face or walk into a signboard 😉

  8. Anyway I forgot to say that the syringe looks like the ones the druggy uses……..U addicted going to the dentist rite xes ?!?!?????

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