Diana’s (Melody’s dog) condition is getting worse and worse. She’s been coughing and wheezing loudly and refused to eat food and medicines. Thinking that the medicines we gave her are making her condition worse, we brought her to another vet. As usual, we followed the same procedure – we wrapped her ass in a plastic bag and newspapers on the car floor.
The journey to the vet was a hectic one due to the fact that we lost our way and nasty traffic jams. Diana was nervous and the first thing she did was pee on the floor again. Thank god the janitors cleaned it up immediately.
As soon as Diana was brought into a room, the doctor shoveed a thermometer up her ass (to take her temperature). And as soon I entered the room, one of the staff handed me a piece of paper consisting the cost of the treatment. It cost about RM380! Melody was reluctant to pay such a high price for it and asked the doctor about how long Diana could live without treatment (Mind you, Diana is 11 years old). She answered with a miserable 1 or 2 months. We decided to accept all the services offered, which included an xray, blood test, urea test, and consultation but decided to exclude boarding which amounted to outrageous rm150 for 3 days. The x-ray gave us a clearer view on what was happening to Diana. Her heart is bigger than normal and her lungs are clogged with fluids. The doctor advised us to continue with the medicines that were given to us previously and to come back tomorrow for more.