dirty old man…

After my usual weekly climbing session, Mum, Dad and I had dinner at KLFC, a huge open air food court with over 50 stalls. They also have this huge blown up penguin on top of the roof. Looks cute.

So today, we were quietly having our meal. Suddenly our attention was diverted towards an elderly man with couple of beer on his table. His face was sagging and almost bald other than the patches of white hair on his head. A “beer lady” (girls that serve beer) was standing next to him. Mum, Dad and I were literally staring at them. The elderly man said,

“Look at the blown up penguin up there”
Lady looks and smiled..
Elderly man: “It looks like you..”
Lady smiled and flirting action begins.

Mum, Dad and I were astonished with the capability of the old man to pick up chicks.

18 thoughts on “dirty old man…”

  1. i tried telling my friend she had great teeth. It went something like “wow you make a good horse”. She was kinda upset.

  2. hi sweetie. didn’t you take a photo of the penguin??? or at least draw it out laaa….. i bet it’ll look like u…. *starts flirting* Hahahaha…..

  3. Penguin boy….U really slide my worldMy Penguin boy…I’m never gonna find Another boy from North PoleThat makes fish cakes so good….My PEnguin Boy~ Stress ok, that’s why simply tok kok

  4. sow: i think girls only like to be associated with cute animals.. tigers and horses are out of the question hehe pikey: kuchai lama food court 😀 old klang roadkerhoong: no more fooling around.. i am not a penguin anymoreeegguni: harimau yang sudah hilang belang i think..

  5. sow : there’s more than 101 ways to relate anything you said to something horny/offensive. you are better off with just ‘yes’ and ‘no’ :D.xes : it’s experience my friend, chick digs experience. 😉

  6. Xes: Yeah…he does.:PI USED to climb la…now i cialat liow. Out of shape. Maybe 5C also cannot liowz.:(What days and what time u usually go?

  7. wolfx: jonathan ah..maybe by face not by name la. i only climb on sunday evening..3 – 7.. i do go there on friday too..but to play around only la. u coming this sunday? 😀

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