Do You Rate Your Ex?

Do any of you actually have a list of how you rate you ex-es? So that when they contact you out of the blue, asking,
“How was I as a girlfriend, tell me,”
you’d have your answer in hand:
“You are the WORST GIRLFRIEND I ever had!!!”
I mean, she asked for it, didn’t she? ;P Would she be persistent enough to enquire further, “How???? How am I the worst one ever?”
Subconsciously, some will compare their current partners to the past ones for the good or the bad. Admit it. Of course, you’d better not be stupid enough to actually tell your current partner if he or she is worse than the previous ones, right? That’s a BIG NO NO.
Neither does:
“You should be more like my ex, she was really nice. She knew how to blah blah blah blah etc…”
Keep it to yourself, damn you!
I must admit that I am one of them. No no, don’t get me wrong, I don’t tell my current beau that s/he should learn some good tricks from my ex-es. I meant that, I do have one whom I rate as the best partner I have ever had. S/he made me feel how it was like to be on cloud nine and being in love was – the good stuff, basically. Every relationship after him was stagnant and downhill, occasionally – they made me unhappy more than i was ever happy.
Perhaps it’s the psychological effect of putting someone on a pedestal for so long.
It doesn’t mean that I’m secretly waiting for that ex to fall in love with me all over again, does it?

27 thoughts on “Do You Rate Your Ex?”

  1. When I fell in love for the 1st time, I was also on cloud 9..I guess thats y your 1st love will always remain a part of u.But growing up recognises that it was a different phase of my life and eventually realising he’s just a normal guy who shared that experience with me, no more no less. Down the line, the cloud 9 experience will return but might not be in its original form, simply because I’m a different person now and my personal tastes/circumstances have changed šŸ™‚

  2. LOVE SUX…..I Have Lost Faith……From now on, its just flings and more flings….
    I might get serious 20 years later….

  3. ah Lok Kor…20 years down the line….40 plus…..that’s when you have all the money and can easily attract the young girls! But lately, it’s been more of a trend! ehhehe

  4. Abby: i want that cloud 9 experience again, i know it sounds stupid hehe
    Amos: you want that for the rest of your life? when you’re 60, you wake up alone?
    karheng & scuzzy: we are going off topic here, aren’t we? ;P

  5. bimbobum: hey what are we talking about…me so confused…too love sick…lol
    Well I rate my ex minus 10 out of 10 because the relationship was one sided, she totally ignores me and doesnā€™t even know I existed…damn you Jessica Alba, when will you come back to me.

  6. ryuu: that sounds so sex-oriented. ;P
    scuzzy: she’s not an ex!!!!
    electronicfly: ooh, i haven’t had that in ages.
    xes: so you don’t intend to marry ever?
    Amos: the literal definition of ‘fling’ – can fling it out after a while ;P

  7. BIMBO: Fling with me??? IF u were a female….then it would not be so bad šŸ™‚
    KARHENG: I agree. Only fools rush in. Life is too short….

  8. Jenny: Are you sure you want a man??? Sometimes ‘bad boys’ have their advantages too as well šŸ˜‰
    Thats like trading Colin Farrell for Michael Douglas…..

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