“do you think i’m cute?”

one fine day on MSN….
frank: do you think i’m cute?
me: huh???
frank: do you think i’m cute??
me: what kind of question is that?????
[how to answer him??]
me: err…. this kinda question, don’t la ask me.
me: you should ask your girlfriend la, if you have one… i cannot answer questions like that!
me: ask me la questions like whether i think you’re fat or not, that one i can answer la. hehehe.

frank: but you’re talking to me…
frank: so that means i’m cute la!

*still panicking*
[wah, how come so perasan** one him?]
*pretends to be busy for a while without answering*

persistent fella continues to chat with me…
frank: your msg on top says “Do Not Disturb!!!! unless you’re cute…”
frank: and you’re talking to me
frank: which means i’m cute la…


**getting the wrong idea either in a good or bad way.

10 thoughts on ““do you think i’m cute?””

  1. hahahahhaha!!
    Next time just layan him and say yes la….unless you wanted to be honest but didn’t want to lie. 😛

  2. ew. i’m gonna go do something less painful like putting my dick into an oven rather than reading how frank think’s he’s cute…

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