Double Parking, My Ass

Damn frustrating when you see a vacant parking spot, but to have some idiot’s car double-parked, blocking the damn spot. Real idiots, I tell you.

On another note altogether, today’s my 100th post! Ya, man. Fancy that!!!!!! *does a dance*
My top 3 posts are:
56 comments – threatening suicide is dumb
46 comments – who pays for the first date?
43 comments – Tell me I’m Cute
[my cockroach trap post is actually 4th place!]
*muaks* thank you, I thought I’d never survive this guestblogging assignment. ;P

32 thoughts on “Double Parking, My Ass”

  1. Congratulation on your 100th post.
    Hope you make many more.
    Haha… “ghost car”…scary. Bad luck to park where a ghost car has parked. Will have accident.
    hmm…picture got nice car… Audi and Mercedes

  2. In view of bimbobum’s 100th post, please let us know of everyone’s preference towards bimbobum’s entries.
    1) relationship post
    2) food post
    3) mixture of both
    4) other types of topic (please suggest)

  3. thanks Scuzzy! ya la, nice car but no manners, what’s the point? ;P
    xes: i wanna be partnerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, part time one. hehehe. so that farouk doesn’t bully me. *sobs*
    readers: emails are welcome if you desperately want views and opinions of others, and to share your story anonymously. 😉

  4. Pokai: good one…lol
    xes: no4. SEX
    Bimbobum: maybe you can post some sex video with your “SEX” post as well.hmmm…Pokai suggestion, not mine. Pokai hamsup not me.

  5. johnsonteoh: heh. that place always have these type of people.
    zhong: cheers! i buy you lunch one day ;P
    pokai: wah, you want me to teach you sex…..
    Scuzzy: you also need me to teach you sex? video? i’m not paris hilton la ;P
    pkey & ChloeC: thanks 😉 lunch on me also. heh.
    insomnia: powderful la, nowadays

  6. yes. Hartamas. That was my first guess… coz I recognised the Modesto’s signboard and the highway flyover in the background. Haha.
    I choose #4 !! Post whatever thats nice and general to cater everyone.

  7. Maybe there was a bike at that spot? But the bike has left when you took the pic?
    But he’s wrong for double parking anyway. Doesn’t make him less of an idiot even if there was a bike 😛

  8. Khinko: u kinky ;P
    Ivan: then the person who parked his bike there also deserves to be kicked ;P
    Abalon: ehehe … i was trying to figure out what you meant by string word ;P
    pkey: haha. i buy for u first and the rest i ask xes to buy for them ;P
    xes: YA fitness first subang. aerobics and body pump ;P
    faai: yes la. ;P u all want to play guessing game issit? hehe. k la. i shall take more pics for u to guess

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