dr mahathir retires..

Download this video. I got this from Aki. Right click the link and click on Save as.. It’s not a sick video. 😀

Dr Mahathir
Dr Mahathir, our Prime Minister of 22 years retires today. Datuk Seri Ahmad Badawi will take over as the 5th Prime Minister of Malaysia.

I watched the swearing of the new Prime Minister on national television. During the ceremony, Dr. Mahathir was granted the title “Tun”, the highest title that could be granted to a civilian (could be equivalent to the English title Sir). The ceremony ended with the King and Queen walking out from the room followed with the new Prime Minister and then Tun Dr. Mahathir with Tun Siti Hasmah (his wife). If Dr. M were still the Prime Minister, he would be in front of Ahmad Badawi. 😀

Despite the fact that Dr. M has been on power for 22 years, I have only seen him once in real life. It was many years ago, while I was still a kid. My parents and I were having pizza at Pizza Hut, The Mall Shopping Complex. He was having pizza with his wife and grandchildren. My parents were pestering me to get his autograph. However, I chickened out, an action that I regretted till today. hehe

Happy birthday to Ryan the “gay magnet” and babysun!

It was raining heavily throughout the night,

I dropped by babysun’s birthday party at her place before heading to Aero where Ryan is celebrating his birthday.

Ryan was party was good, unlimited booze and loads of munchies. By the end of the night, 75% of the people were drunk except for our table. Oh wait! Gavin was fucked! 😀

After 3 or 4 cups, Gavin was so fucked till he didn’t want to drink anymore. So we got Joyce to seduce him to drink more. Joyce was holding Gavin’s hand and poking Gavin’s face. Gavin couldn’t take it anymore and downed couple of more sips. However, he ended up in the toilet puking! Haha. Anyway, Joyce was so good till Gavin had a hard on (ERECTION)!

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  1. wah gayvin makes the headlines again! erection from touching the face? this joyce must be something. have a picture of her?

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