eLawyer – Exabytes Penang Bloggers & Law Forum 2009 – Part II

Event featured on The Star, Northern Edition. Only 1 fellow responded after reading the article. Heh

The event was held at University Sains Malaysia. Around 50 people attended the said event. We had participants ranging from students to entrepreneurs.

Eddie – Dad said he is a “cyberlawyer”.

Eddie kickstarted the event by giving a welcoming speech and spoke about eLawyer’s services. It was followed with Exabytes welcoming speech and then an opening speech by Fareed, one of the committee members of the Penang Bar. Coincidentally, Fareed is my opponent in an internet defamation that I am currently handling.

Fareed in the house!

Our moderator, Kruel, also spoke about his personal experience as a lawyer blogger.


I spoke about Blogging and Copyright, a topic which I covered during my talk about Blogging and Intellectual Property in the eLawyer Law Conference in University Malaya few months ago. I basically covered topics on what is copyright and how does copyright law affects blogging.

Stephan Tan spoke about defamation law and covered quite extensively on journalism as he was a former journalist for 20 years. I must say that Stephan is a good speaker as he is quite entertaining and puts in some emotion in his talk whereas mine is just straight faced statements throughout the talk. Must learn from him. Hehe


After the talk, we had Q and A session. This time is much better as the questions were thrown to all of the speakers and also moderator. On the eLawyer Law Conference, questions were thrown directly at me without any assistance from other speakers. Thank god I managed to waffle my way through.

Immediately after the talk, we had people coming to us asking further questions. To me, the most satisfying thing in this talk is being able to answer a question thrown to me by a couple . You see, the husband is visually impaired. They asked me whether they can translate a book into Braille without permission of the owner of the copyright in a book for the benefit of others who are visually impaired. They said that they have asked a lot of lawyers around and they are unable to answer their question. Being able to answer to their questions was definitely the highlight of the day. Many thanks to my Blackberry for getting the answer!

Group shop of participants – Courtesy of eLawyer

After the talk, we had lunch with some of the participants at a place called “Super Tanker”. Excellent Chee Cheong Fun there!

My next talk will be in a client’s place. Will be speaking about “The laws against crimes committed in cyberspace” (again!).

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7 thoughts on “eLawyer – Exabytes Penang Bloggers & Law Forum 2009 – Part II”

  1. So, how did you use Blackberry to solve the question?… While they were asking you curi2 search for answer ah? wahaha… so smart la you. 🙂

  2. Irene: I logged to one legal portal where I can view cases and statutes.. i asked the couple to wait for few seconds while I do a research for them on the spot!

  3. “They said that they have asked a lot of lawyers around and they are unable to answer their question. ” and you are able to answer that in a short time..fuyoo u memang lawyer canggih la..haha next time when i buka business i go to find u

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