ENCORP Strand Mystical Eve 2012


When I was younger, I always look forward to the New Years Eve parties. Back then, it was all about the music, fireworks and the people.

But these parties slowed down tremendously. Last year, I was in Port Dickson and was nicely tucked in bed at 1230AM.

*cricket sound*

But this year, it’s going to be the music, fireworks and the people again! And it’s all happening at MYSTICAL EVE 2012!

For the very first time in Malaysia, the ENCORP Strand building will move, transform, and come to life in 3D to the beat of pulsating music, light effects and fireworks. Beams of laser light are hand-manipulated before your very eyes, bent, stretched and spun around like a light sabre by the electrifying Laser Man.

With aerialists twirling through space to a dreamy rhythm and a contortionist pushing the limits of human flexibility, the crowds will pour in – mystified! Expect a stellar line-up of local celebrities too, including Joe Flizzow, Mizz Nina, Najwa, Pop Shuvit, Reza Salleh, Shawn Lee Beatbox + Dennis Lau. Not to mention famous DJ acts Aurology, Davern & Jee Hoe, and DJ Xu, pumping up the Red Carpet Avenue with unstoppable energy.

Don’t worry about having to clamor for tickets, cos admission is FREE!

See you there!

Facebook page: http://facebook.com/encorpstrand

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