England two Turkey Nil

I watched England v Turkey just now. Both teams were playing very well. It was fun watching an England match with the Brits because like me, they love to shout and curse at the players when they are not playing well. The best moment came when Darius Vassel scored the first England goal. All of us raised our arms in the air and shout as loud as we can. It was so cool. I have not had this much fun watching football for a long time. The last time I had this much fun was 3 years ago back in Malaysia. I used to watch football at Mee-Yoke (the kopitiam opposite Inti College) with my roommate. At Mee-Yoke, all the fans would seat themselve separately from the opponent fans; for instance, the Liverpool fans would sit on the left side of the kopitiam and Man Utd’s fan on the other side just like the fans in the football stadium. When the game started, the Liverpool fans would throw insults at the Man Utd’s fan and vice versa. However, the best part was when a goal is scored, some of the fans would climb on the table or the chair; some would bang the table as if it was a drum, others would be laughing at the opponent’s fan and throw sarcastic remarks about the opponening team. The atmosphere was fantastic! I miss those days. 12:47AM “We live by faith, not by sight”

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  1. ya meh?all i only know, they got two coffee shops in ss2, one is the corner one opposite swensan ais cream the other one is , in cheow yeung. they took over it last year ..cheow yeung, dont know spelling correct or not hehe

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