Exams & Frank’s Birthday

I had a 4 hours group discussion with Janet, Cynthia and Michelle. We were so tired of discussing that our brain couldn’t think properly by the end of the night. Here’s a snip of part of our discussion as law students. *some sentences are translated into English*
Cynthia: hey, how do u apply this case?
me: are fucking blind? read the fucking case!
Cynthia: fuck u! You’re the fucking blind one here, read the fucking case properly.
Janet: eh when the fuck are we suppose to apply this principle?
Cynthia: dumb arse, its all in the text book. Lemme take a look.
Janet: read faster you ass!
Oh not that’s not exactly what we said, but its in that style. Now you know how your law cases are handled 😀
Exams in 2 weeks time *aaiiiii* stress!
We celebrated Frank’s birthday dinner at a Chinese restaurant. It was great although we failed to crush his face with his birthday cake (however, he was subsequently bombarded with eggs, flours and rice cookers after the dinner). 28 of us attended the function and we were given 7 types of dishes which includes chicken, roast duck, fish cakes, sweet and sour pork, vegi and squid. I had 6 bowls of rice *burp*

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