Exotic food @ Bintulu

We had exotic Chinese food for dinner. Bats didnt taste good. They were too boney and dont have much meat. Wild boar and deer meat were fine.

Turtles tasted good though but they’re just too cute to be eaten.

Yummmyyy…I guess that’s all the gross food pictures I have!

11 thoughts on “Exotic food @ Bintulu”

  1. ahaahaha.. i guess ah boy ate the grey turtle (dono wat is it called) not the protected green turtle… deer and turtle meat are really nice, good for asmatha ppl

  2. psychochique: ooohh my gooddd..bat’s kidneyyyyy ohhh my godddd how does it taste like ?? soft? shin: aiseh u kelantanese ppl.. so protective of turtles huh eaheha ivn: donno wo, sarawak no law oen eheh blossom: oo i think i know what kind of turtle you’re talking about! gguni: no shit no shit heeh YUMMIE: mmmm we must try other cuisines you knoww.. must expand our taste buds hehe Gavin: not going to sarawak? mahai dont let sarawakian read this, they will sumpit u

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