My boss shared one of his many experiences in Court. Many years ago, a judge was asking my boss for his surname.

“Counsel, how do you spell your surname? Is it F-A?”

“My Lord, F U” (sounds like Fuck you)

The judge replied, “Thank you”. The court burst out in laughter.

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15 thoughts on “F U”

  1. Er…xes, u look like u are looking at the peace sign made by sharon’s fingers when this photo was taken. Or were u mesmerised by her?I have to admit. She does tops the beautiful scale……..

  2. firstly the event in the court has to be the most classic moment.and leong, is she so hot u cannot even take ur eyes of her for the 3 secs it takes to take the pic meh.

  3. xes – can she sue u for sexuality…thats the beauty of being female..hehe…but than ur a lawyer by self…hehe

  4. If she’s da bomb, then she can’t enter the plane as told by ur previous story.If she insists, she might have to b s***p searched by male perverted customs officers and that my fren won’t b a good sight or thought! Buurrrrrr:p

  5. gguni – are u serious??? where is th previous story???if that is so….i will just eat pills to die becos being molest by that hamsap custom officer…hehe…gguni – do u realise u have insulted ugly girls? that is really unpolite..

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