Facebook madness

I’m sure most of you have joined the world of Facebook, something much more different than Friendster! you can’t even view a person’s profile unless you are on his or her list of friends, though it allows you to view the person’s list of friends!
Someone once told me that employers MAY resort to checking out your list of friends on Facebook, hence you will notice that many do state their current employer’s name. -_- I don’t know how true that is!
A few weeks ago, I asked xes why wasn’t he on Facebook. And he went, “WHAT??? You’ve joined the craze as well???”
Til the next day, he told me, “EKeKEKekekek …. I’ve joined Facebook liao!”
This Doraemon lover is a joker at times, I tell ya.
ANYWAY … Why is Facebook cool? Because you can play games with your friends and getting in Zombies/Werewolves/Vampires’ fights! Or be a Mobster. Play Scrabble (though known as ‘Scrabulous’ on Facebook). Shower your friends with gifts on a daily basis, for a change. Ha! If it required real money, you think we’d be this generous?
ANYWAY, terribly sorry. I’ve got a “fight” to attend at Fighters’ Club on Facebook. Some chick picked a fight with me for no reason. And I must win!!!
*crazed laughter*
P.S. I may need back up, though…… help!

13 thoughts on “Facebook madness”

  1. julz: eheheh … i check after work only. ;(
    endroo: yeah, Friendster’s no longer in.
    baburs: i LOSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT mch! tried to gather support also nobody came! *sobs* i got NO FRENS!
    (well, a few came but got belasah last min! wtf! i shall revenge to regain my honourrrrrrrrr…..
    but not so soon lah ;P)

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