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Recently one of my friend, L went for driving test. We asked her whether or not she “paid” for her test.
She said “Crazy ar? Why should i pay them if i am confident that i can past.”
The next day, she came back looking gloomy. She failed. Why? Simple, because she refuse to “pau” for her test.
Coincidentally, this story was published in Malay Mail on 8/6/2005 :-
Woman alleges RTD tester failed her for refusing to pay bribe
A human resource assistant stood by her principle — she refused to pay ‘duit kopi’ to ensure that she passed her driving test.
She was to have paid the bribe to her driving school instructor who would make the necessary arrangement with the relevant authority for her to pass the test.The 20-year-old from Desa Pandan, who wanted to remain anonymous, was confident she would pass.
However, she claimed that despite successfully clearing three obstacles (slope, parking and three-point turn) on May 31, she was told by an Road Transportation Department (JPJ) tester that she had failed the whole test.
That result was made known to her even before she drove out of the RTD compound in Ulu Kelang for the road test!
She put it down to her refusal to pay the RM200 bribe.
“I had to wait five hours after completing the obstacles test before I was called for the road test at 4.45pm. I got in the car, did the necessary such as adjusting my rear-view mirror.”
“Before I could drive out to the main road, the tester asked me to pull over and said I had failed,” she said.
She said she asked the tester how she could fail even before taking the road test.
She claimed that the tester told her that “There’s an easy way for you to pass but you refuse. I am not going to pass you.”
“There is no way I could have failed unless the driving school owner told the tester to fail me, just because I refused to pay the additional money,” she said, adding that she paid RM890 for her probationary driving licence.
The complainant subsequently lodged a report at the Bangsar police beat base on June 3.
When contacted, a Putrajaya RTD official advised the complainant to lodge an official report against the tester with the department.
“The police report she made acts as an evidence that the matter took place. We still need her to come and see us so that a statement can be recorded,” he said.
He added that a check with the said RTD tester will be conducted to verify if the incident took place.

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  1. loL… i guess that is ordinary. my sister refused to pay the extra money and she eventualLy passed the test on her sixth attempt!

  2. Eh I took my exam at the same place in Ulu Klang.I was very despread to drive to school when I was 17.So I took the test and the instructor asked me the same thing-whether I wanna give them something extra.So I asked him what’s the difference.He said with something extra,you take the easier root and guranteed pass and if I don’t, he said it’ll take forever to get through + longer route.So I eventually did and on the exam day (believe me I felt so guilty),everyone takes about 10-15 minutes to drive out.I got in the car where we started from the trafic light at the driving school,he asked me to turn left and kicked me out of the car.In 2 minutes,I finish my driving test without having to drive out to the main road.Talk about the “easier route”.

  3. How unlucky!
    When I took my test I refused to pay bribe money too. Because I was broke and also why should I!!! Damn them! When I got asked the question I just plainly said ‘No thanks’ and gave him that ‘How wrong’ look.
    Miraculously, I passed 😀
    I wonder why.

  4. the bribe has been so commonplace that by paying you aren`t seen as doing them a favour but they are merely receiving their dues.

  5. haha bribes are so common that it does not create the “hoo-hahs” like in other countries …
    My experience are countless – despite the Pak Lah’s effort to curb them – or should i say reduce them?
    My back plate number is of metal ones – yeah i know its my wrong to have metal plates, but yet i have not been issued any summon – only gave out some duit kopi.
    Another incident was last nite, my friend was involved in an accident – he bumped into another car. Thats definitely gonna cost him a summon – RM300, the last time he bumped into another guy he got a summon for RM300 and i helped him to “kau-tim” it with a close friend for RM150.
    Here comes the best part – we simply just paid the sergeant RM150 directly – even without him issuing a summmon.

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