Last week @ Ming Tien food court.

ivN: I feel like eating ‘oh chian’ (fried omellete with oyster). Melhai order for me!!

Melvin: fuck you, order yourselff!!

ivN: pls pls plsss laa

Melvin: okok!!

Then the omellete came…

Everybody: Why is it so soggy??

Melvin: dont care la, eat only

Everybody pigs in.

*yum yum yum*

Ehh… Why are the oysters so bloated up?



Me: *phew* thank god I didnt eat any oysters.

Sam: I had 2!!

ivN: I had 4!! SHIT!!!!

17 thoughts on “FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD!”

  1. tt: mmmm donno leh, that tiem no one bothered to complain..hehe frank: hahaha yeah man sue him for tort, donoghue v stevenson. anonymous: mmmm it was @ summit shopping centre. butthen i dont think they have it anymor cause it was open due to teh thai festival they wre having there. and next time pls use a nickname, I dont like people commenting on an anonymous identity. heh 😀 lynnzter: green and smily inside? donno ler. i dont eat oysters one pui ee: it was super gross ler.r4v3r: so when u coming to msia? hehe yen: yes yes! its @ oug.. yan kee restaurant i think. but i’m sick of it already hehe. Gavin: u think so easy meh, must put rat poison then only he will die. jasngoi: we were all fine..hehe. yaya tmn megah ming tien. YUMMIE: yaya its @ oug. by the road? err..its in a shop..hehe

  2. i know that bowl, chopstick, beefball, noodle of that beef noodle pic! is it at oug?? or near that plaza oug? yummy :)) love that beef noodle to death!

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