I have been keeping this a secret for a very long time. I guess its time to tell everyone about it.

Well, I met someone. It was couple of months ago.

She’s wonderful, pretty, smart, well dressed, hour glass figure, soft spoken and we got along really well! She’s someone that every guy would dream of. And yeah, she satisfies my minimum requirement too!

So yesterday, I was in her beautifully decorated room with ala Bali design.

“Let me take a shower first okay?” she said.

I sat on her bed, laid with silky bed sheet. The smell of lavender filled the room. She’s into those bohemian thingamajigs.

Few minutes later, the door creeks, she walked out from the shower room. She looks at me smiling. Her hands were around her blue towel which covers her body. I was dazzled with her beauty and no doubt, her voluptuous body made me went, “gaahh…” my mouth slowly opens..

She walked slowly towards me.. smiling and giggling.. and once she was right in front of me, she took off her towel..

Nothing was behind the towel except her smooth silky skin. She then…gotchaaa….APRIL FOOL!! wahhaahhaha


And oh yeah, How was your April Fools Day guys? Tricken anyone or got tricked? 😀

16 thoughts on “FOOLS!!”

  1. Potongs lar u xes………..I told a girl (who i haf no romantic feelings towards) “I Love You”.She luff at me. Nah bueh. Another potong coz I was expecting a shock look and then only break it to her as an April Fools joke…….But she got me 1st…….:( Worst April Fools day.

  2. Hi xes, Sarah here…22 KL…wat u want to know mOre?Got your site thru fren..and it’s really entertain my days…;)

  3. wahh.. u got me there man..while i was reading yer post.. in my mind was like “bastard leong, bastard leong, bastarddd!!”hehehe ;Pg00d one mate

  4. hahah, when i first looked at the opening with this secret thingie… without continue reading it, i scrolled down to the last part of the blog, and i saw APRIL’s FOOL… hahaha… sorrie yea, for being too smart… =P

  5. “…..She walked slowly towards me.. smiling and giggling.. and once she was right in front of me, she took off her towel..Nothing was behind the towel except her smooth silky skin……and a big hairy penis standing in full salute at me. She(?) smiled menacingly while saying “April Fool!”, and then she(?) grabbed me and had her way with my orifice.”And that is how the story went. LOL!

  6. ivan: wahahahatracy: keke nvm least you’re onhols! yummie: aiyoh like that doesnt count lliao lo ekekwolfie: aiyo..too much miriam for u ah kekelinlin: nvm i had my revenge on u!! kekekbernard: kekeke good erotic story eh keek

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