Football and me

I came to know and learn how to watch football when i was 16. My uncle introduced me to the game. Before that, i was quite pissed off when every channel was showing football. I couldn’t understand why the 22 men on the field have to chase after a stupid ball.

It all started in 1996 when England hosted the Euro 96, my favourite uncle came to visit us from HK. Educated and trained in England as a solicitor, my uncle support England and Manchester United. Hence, i would sit with him watching every single match. He would patiently explained to me all the match rules and regulations. Suddenly, i found myself shouting and cheering for England, even at 3am in the morning.

I got a lot of complains from my mother then.

Then, i saw this English player who played on the left flank of England. He was Steve Mcmanaman, a Liverpool player at that time. He impressed me with his speed and deadly crosses. I asked my uncle…
me: Uncle, who is that guy?
uncle: Oooh..Steve Mcmanaman.
me: Play for which club one?
uncle: Man Utd.

From that day onward, i had choosen Man Utd as my team in English Premier League. But, when i watched the first Man Utd match. I don’t see Steve Mcmananaman but instead there was the a even more impressive left winger. The No.11 of Man Utd, Ryan Giggs. My all time hero Ryan Giggs!!! Ever since then, i supported Man Utd and there was no turning back. Nevermind that, my uncle conned me into choosing Man Utd.

I developed a habit to pray for Man Utd before they kick off and chant a little prayer for them when they were behind. There was even once where the fan almost got my finger cuts off by the fan because i jumped up too high when Man Utd scored. When i sat down, i broke the chair…=P

Whenever, i bet on football ( i bet for fun sometime but not a gambler. =P), i will never bet any game that Man Utd or England is playing because i feel like i am selling off my loved one for money.

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  1. back in 1996, i too was crazy about Euro96 and England. My boyfriend Ron and his steve mcmanman expert friend stephen thanabalan used to come over and watch the games and boy did they yells!

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