For Fame or Honour?

Recently, a lot of my friends stumbled upon my blog entries on When they looked at the photo on the blog. They usually went “Oh My God, Frank has a blog!”
They went on and asked me a lot of question. Among them are :-
Q: Why do you want to have a blog?
A: I don’t have a blog. I am sharing a blog with Xes.
Q: Why don’t you set your own blog instead of sharing one with Xes?
A: Well, after 4 years of blogging here, i don’t see a reason why i should set up my own blog. Afterall, xes and me has a very good partnership here and we enjoy it.
Q: Do you mind if xes is more popular than you.
A: No, of cause not. I am not here for fame. I blog because i enjoy people reading my crap.
Q: Why did you decide to guestblog on
A: Xes was getting kinda lazy to blog at one point. So he asked Wen Dee and me whether or not we would like to blog on his website. Before that, Xes had tiberian-x as his guestblogger. I decided to join it because i was bored and thought of giving it a try.
Q: People said that you are hamsap (“prevertive”)
A: Yes, i am hamsap because i am a man.
Q: Do you really mind if no one commented on your blog entries?
A: At first, no. Now, yes. Of cause, i like to see that someome is actually reading my entries. It’s kinda sad to look at the site-o-meter and realise that out of 400-600 visitors, not a single one of them actually bother to read my entries. Tell me, will you feel disgruntled if you are in my shoes?
Q: So what are gonna do about it?
A: eeer…sometimes, i ask a friend to put a one liner there. =P
Q: So you would love to have a lot of comments on your blog entries?
A: duh…of cause but honestly the numbers doesn’t matter. As long as i know that you people are enjoying it and i am enjoying it, then i will be happy.
Q: Does it piss you off when people don’t know that is one of the oldest blog that is still active in Malaysia.
A: Ya, sometimes i do but kinda think about it, the purpose of us blogging is not about gaining fame. We actually don’t want people to know that we have a blog especially our fellow peers (from legal profession).
Q: Do you spell check and proof read your post before you post it? Because i saw a lot of grammar and vocabulary mistake on your entries.
A: Comon la!!! This is a bloody blog la. No need so serious one right? As long as you understand what i am trying to tell you then it is fine.
Q: …..
A: …..eeer..kinda run of idea of what to ask? =P
P.S. I saw on Xes’s MSN nick that his broadband modem was struck by lighting (not again…!!!). Anyone has any spare modem to give Xes? But then again, i don’t think Xes will take it if anyone offer. Will you, Xes?

19 thoughts on “For Fame or Honour?”

  1. u’ve been missing leh..msg u never reply wan…
    well, had fun reading all posts it by you or CL la..
    keep up the good work yah

  2. This is my theory. Frank is the cynical-hamsap side of xes. When xes had writer’s block some time back, he made a person named frank, took a random picture of his unsuspecting colleague to put it up here, and then started having an outlet for his hamsap thoughts with this persona. LOL! 😀
    Here’s a “consolation” comment for you….frank. 😉

  3. just wanted to say sumthing ~ u guys got conned! he wanted to see how many comments he’ll get for this post laaaaa….
    er, yeah, looks like i’m adding to the stats too. bWahaha. i’m a sucker (too). ;P

  4. “Q: People said that you are hamsap (“prevertive”)
    A: Yes, i am hamsap because i am a man.”
    AHAHAHA…givin’ it like a MAN alright!?! but then again, being hamsap is a good sign that u’re healthy also right? *LOL*

  5. 1st: xes and frank are different ppl
    2nd: saying one is the other is an insult to both of them
    3rd: question 8, it’s of COURSE, not of ’cause’

  6. haha..u r so funny Frank…the ‘pervertic’ part…i get that all the time. it’s like when i asked a guy why he’s behaving like this…he will answer me like this: “becoz i m not a monk” or “becoz i m a guy”

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