Forever Young…

I am 25 going 30 soooon (*scary*), yet there are people who still think that i am a college student. No, i don’t have baby face or extremly good complexion. The other day, i went to inspect a house that my parents bought in Damansara with the Developer’s officer (O).
O: Hi, i am O. You are here for the inspection.
Me: Ya.
O: Where is your father? Is he here?
Me: No. I am inspecting the house on his behalf.
O: Ooooh…
He then gave me the “you are just a kid” look.
O: So, which college are you from?
Me: Taylor’s
O: What are you doing there.
Me: I did my A-level there.
O: did? How old are you?
Me: hahahha…over 18, don’t worry. I can sign all the papers on my father’s behalf.
O: Hahahahaha…sure or not? What are you doing now lar?
Me: I am a lawyer.
Suddenly there was a moment of silence.
Me & O: Hahahahhahaha….
Do i look like a college boy trying to dress up as a working adult ar? Now, i know why the salesperson in the shopping mall never hand me any brouchers or try to talk me into buying stuff from them, which is good. hehehehe…
However later that day, i went to withdraw money from Maybank DJ. A little boy was standing beside me…
Mother: Ah boy, don’t kacau (disturb) uncle.
WTF!!!…UNCLE AR!!! I am 25 lar…NOT YET A UNCLE AR!!!

18 thoughts on “Forever Young…”

  1. lolx
    i was in the restaurant the other day. then there was 2 kids playing around my table. then their mom said, ‘hey you two, come back here, later that uncle angry and smack both of you!’

  2. frank: i’m only 21
    and there are actually A LOT OF cases when ppl calling me uncle.
    there was once…
    my client: hey, how many kids you have?
    me: don’t have. i’m not even married. i’m 21 this year.
    my client: 0.o

  3. hahaha…hahahaha…
    u don look like high school kid, don’t worry, u look like a lawyer…
    don’t worry…stress-free life!!

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