Freedom 08 @ Admiral Marina, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan – Part II

The Star Newspaper ran an article on Freedom 08 two days after the event.

Port Dickson folks irked by youths’ out of control behaviour at rave event


Residents of Port Dickson are unhappy that the seaside town is being used by certain quarters to promote booze, drugs and promiscuity among the young.

Port Dickson assemblyman M Ravi said a recent wild party at the seaside was a real shocker to him and the community here. He said that such parties did more damage to the young than promote tourism.
“I made a surprise visit to a so called world music event in the wee hours of Saturday morning and what I saw was shocking.

“Thousands of teenagers, many drunk and wearing skimpy clothing were misbehaving and some were even involved in substance abuse,” he claimed.

Oblivious to his surroundings: Two teenagers trying to wake a ‘fallen’ mate.

She said it also made little sense to see some female teenagers wearing swimsuits and other skimpy clothing although it was 4am.
“When I asked them if their parents knew if they were here, they shied away. Most of them are from Kuala Lumpur,” she said.

A friend of hers said it was quite a sight to see several youths lying on the ground clearly intoxicated.

“Medical people were on standby but some of the party goers were too hysterical. Beers were sold openly and some had been drinking for hours,” he said.

Ravi said the authorities should not treat the matter lightly.
“If the idea is to promote PD, then we can do without such events since it creates such a bad image,” he said

He said government departments which give out permits for such events should not “close an eye” when granting permits as this would be tantamount to endorsing social ills.

Source: The Star Newspaper

First of all, this article paints an extremely bad light on raves in Malaysia. As boob_omatic put it, “only sohais go to these kind of sohai events”. This article no doubt has caused negative effects on the public.

My group of friends and I went in free of drugs and sober. The ultimate aim was just to enjoy ourselves and meet up with friends that we’ve not seen for ages. On the 2nd day, the rave ended at 3am. Music was off and everyone was ushered out. If the patrons wants hang around the are until 4am, there is nothing the organisers can do if they are not within the perimeter of the rave. Further, there was police all over the place. They could have just asked everyone to go home. There may be bad apples that tainted this event but I personally think that it shouldn’t be a bar for raves to be held in Malaysia.

I hope they don’t ban all raves in Malaysia cause my friend Abang Fai (Fai Kor) wants to pei (trip) and he needs to do it outdoor. FAI KOR! YOU STILL GOT NEXT WEEEK!!

11 thoughts on “Freedom 08 @ Admiral Marina, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan – Part II”

  1. this M ravi guy ahh , just because there was some bad apples doesn’t mean everyone is on drugs, STUPID!!! and he say this is bad? he should look into other major problems and well said bro!

  2. I believed, sooner or later, there will be no more raves event held in M’sia. Thanks to those uncles/aunties who doesn’t open their eye widely, and also, thanks to those drunkard who spoiled the images of the party goers..don’t lar pollute the PD, it’s already sangat the p.o.l.l.u.t.e.d dah…Waterfalls(puke) far far away from the sea lar doink..:P

  3. I went in sober and drug free too! I did all my boozing in my hotel and what can 4 cans of beers do to a person in a rave? We just sweat it all out an hour later! Besides! It’s a beach party! how can one not expect people to be topless and be in skimpy clothing? I was actually told to put my shirt back on in a middle of the big crowd in the main stage right infront of the DJ. I would’ve understood their intentions if it was outside, on the mainstreet or whatever, but come on! it was steaming hot inside.

  4. “According to the organiser’s website, the two day event themed ‘2 Days of Freedom’ was supposed to be a ‘fusion of music, visual arts, cuisine and beach activities’.”
    Can I know who wrote those above? I think this guy here needs to learn about trends and hips of the world…1 mroe thing…Go back primary lar!

  5. it has some truth the article. there were definitely people were on drugs.. especially in those tents that people paid more for.

  6. So much for ‘2 Days of Freedom’. There’s definitely no freedom when you’re being chased by the securities just because you took your top off. Dude, it’s not like we’re going naked.
    Day 1 was not that strict. i managed to get my handful of sweets and chewing gums in despite being told by friends who went in earlier that sweets are not allowed, since they’re FOOD.
    Day 2 the security was crazy strict. but who cares, Tiesto’s the only thing we care.
    I hope they will continue to organize rave events in Malaysia..

  7. these people never to go to rave. tiesto was damn good, and cosmic gate was a tremendous night. not a bad influence at all. we know how to handle ourself while partying. perhaps they should do more events in Malaysia. but not with lousy security who checks on party goer like hell. it is not freedom then.

  8. yeah, everyone has definatelly made their point, there were definatelly a few bad apples in the rave, but the security was getting tooooo stooooopid! and who really cared! we paid for the music and the ambience! not the stooopid beer alone! SAY NO TO THE BAN OF RAVES!

  9. Darren: yeah man.
    Kink: yeah..must bring uncles/aunties to rave to show them what is rave!!
    Amos: LOL!
    made: no doubt there were some people on drugs.
    Mizz Muffet: um..did u take your top off??
    pixie: well said!
    chikhan: YEAH! NO BAN RAVES!

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