Funday Monday

I woke up at 11am today for the 12:10PM Corporate Insolvency Law lecture but I only left the room at 11:55. I walked as fast as I can to the faculty thinking that I might be late. I make it there by 12:05PM. When I opened to door of Lecture Theatre one, there were no one inside! Then only I remembered that the lecture actually started at 1:10PM. I mixed up Wednesday’s timetable with the Tuesday’s.

Today, we also celebrated Janet Chai’s birthday at TGIF. Her birthday is actually on 10th April but we decided to celebrate it early. Janet is officially the prettiest gril of our Taylor’s College class of 2000. She turned 21 this year.The food in TGIF is not as good as Malaysia’s but they still have free refill on all the soft drinks. I ordered American Grill for GBP15. The chicken chop was a bit too hard but it tasted good. The prawns were superb but the steak was a bit disappointing. I wanted it to be medium done but they overcooked it. There was no blood at all when I cut the steak. The steak was plain without the gravy. I should have asked for Cranberries sauce. The dinner party was really good though. Thanks to Michelle Yoong, the organiser of the party. She set Janet up for a surprise dinner party. Janet was only expecting to have a small dinner with her housemates. At the moment she stepped in TGIF, she was shock to see so many people on the table. Once again, compliment should be given to Michelle for her brilliant plan. Unfortunately, I was not there to see the Janet’s expression when she walked into the restaurant. I followed Frederick back to the house to pick up Cheng Leong. Apparently, we forgot to call him up from the basement when we left the house. Frederick felt bad and decided to go back to pick him up. Luckily, Cheng Leong was not mad at us. Cheng Leong, we are so sorry!

Anyway, the dinner was really fun. I really enjoyed myself there. I have not been to a good birthday dinner for so long. Everyone was so alive unlike the previous dinner parties we had. Janet was a good hostess. She went around taking photos with everyone. Wen dee and Siew lee got a free portion of BBQ chicken wing because the waitress mixed up their order. The manager said that they could have the extra on the house. As conclusion, It’s worth going to the dinner although I missed my Real Madrid v Manchester United match live on ITV. (Real won by 3-1 Bastard Raul!)

2:10AM “If God is with us, who can be against us”

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  1. I demand Bday pictures :Pnak tengok amoi :Pdont upload xes pictures, unless he already have a haircut 😛

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