Funny Uncles

Wednesday, 02-11-2005; i played snooker with my friend in One Snooker Centre. A bunch of uncles (Middle age man ranging from 40 -50 years old) were playing Lucky (A kind of game, don’t quite know how to explain it…bah =P). They were cracking a lot of funny one liners among themselves. Here are some of the funniest one that i can remember…
On People who Cheat
Uncle A: B, you are cheater.
Uncle B: No, i am not.
Uncle A: B, with friend like you. I am not surprise that some man don’t have balls.
On Younger Girlfriend
Uncle A: B, why you talk to your girlfriend like she is 14.
Uncle B: Ya, she is 14. You want to see her sms?
On Friend who don’t hang out with them often
Uncle A: B, let’s don’t hang out with C anymore.
Uncle C: Why?
Uncle A: Because he wai hai sei (Canto slang for man who dump their buddy for girls)
Uncle B: huh? how?
Uncle A: C always goes out with his wife.
On sexy girls
Uncle A: eh, B! C! Comon, play la. Stop looking at the TV
Uncle B and C: Fuck you la, Shakira is so sexy. We don’t wanna play anymore.

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