gaaahhhh god damn admins didnt fix my script

Anyway, while enjoying the last of my holidays, I watched this Korean film by the name Taegukgi – The Brotherhood of War. Oh my god, it was so good. It’s better than Shaving Ryan’s Privates anytime. I mean Saving Private Ryan.

After independence, Korea is full of hope for a better future. Family of Jin-tae is none different. Jin-tae lives with his mother, younger brother Jin-seok, and fiancé Young-shin. His mother and Young-shin runs a noodle shop in a market and he shines shoes to send Jin-seok to university.
Although the living isn’t easy, they are working hard for their better future. Yet, the Korean War breaks out and Jin-tae and Jin-seok get drafted and are located at the battlefront immediately. With bullets flying and bombs going off a few inches away, Jin-tae realizes that he has to keep his brother alive and send him back home safe even if he hurts himself. Believing so, he learns that earning a Medal of Honor may send Jin-seok home, and now Jin-tae begins volunteering for dangerous missions.
Yet, Jin-seok is always uncertain about Jin-tae’s motivation. Midst of war, U.N. troops join the war and the war seems to end soon. Somehow, Jin-tae succeeds in many missions and ends up getting a Medal of Honor. By then, Jin-tae has driven war crazy with such hatred for North Koreans and Jin-seok refused to go home. Their tension grows between two and there is sudden attack of Chinese Army. With Chinese Army coming down ruthlessly two brothers get separated and Jin-tae believes that Jin-seok is killed during the battle.
Jin-tae is now running mad. Yet nobody can bring the dead brother back. It is here in this ruined country that these two beloved brothers are plunged into an unexpected turning moment of their fate. — Official Site
Bittorent download: 09.29.04.Taegukgi.REPACK.DVDrip.DivX-PosTX.torrent (1400mb)

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