gay club last night :D

This week has been pretty gay for me. I mean, really gay.

I went to a gay club last night. No, not to pick up gay men but Regenerate decided to hold their rave there this time (Regenerate is an event performed by locals DJs). And last night couple of our friends was spinning so we decided to give them some support. By the way, entrance was free for the first 200 patrons.

At the beginning, we got the entire dance floor for ourselves. But soon, the gay men invaded the dance floor and we were instantly evicted to a corner. Those muscular guys were hugging and kissing each other on the dance floor. I was terribly disgusted when gay men shook their ass in front of me and when they danced like ‘sotongs’ (cuttlefish).

Fortunately, the heterosexual corner was filled with friends. There were could strut our shit. However, the music sucks big time. Johnson said the music was catered for the gay men since it’s a gay club.
That will be the first and last time I step foot into a gay club. No more!!

Dad back from Bangkok
Dad is back from Bangkok. He said the place is much better now as the Thai government cleaned up the streets for the upcoming APEC conference. Policemen everywhere, beggars sent back to Cambodia and stray dogs captured into pounds. Anyway, he brought loads of stuff back for me. He got me a really nice t-shirt, stamps, a book and articles in Japanese for me to read. Hm, have you notice that every time we get new clothes, we would want to wear it immediately without washing it? But never! I shall resist the temptation!

The book that Dad bought for me is called “1421 The Year China discovered the world”. According to the book, contrary to popular belief, Christopher Columbus did not discovered America. China’s admiral fleets arrived at America 70 years before Columbus and arrived Australia 350 years before Cook.

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  1. stinkles too bad. i bought the last book in malaysia!! huahuahuaaa 😀 😀 😀 pokey..didnt know u were into gay clubs eh ..ehhehegavin have a cup of shut the fuck up

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