Gayvin leaves

Yews said,

Every time someone leaves he cries, someone cries he cries, hammer his hand with a sharp object he cries, he’s gay la.

Gavin left for Melbourne today. After work, I headed down to KLIA to met up with the rest there. Many of us were still in working clothes. Our main mission of the night was “TO SEE GAVIN CRY”. Haha, nah just kidding, we were there to send him off.

Gavin’s eyes were puffy. We were in McD waiting for him to board his plane. Instead he was busy walking around with June. I think they went to a corner to cry. Hehe.

For once I’m glad that I wasn’t the one who is leaving. The feeling of leaving is damn shitty especially during the first time. When my then-girlfriend was leaving for Melbourne for the first time, I cried.

So at 9PM, we stood in front of the departure gate. Gavin was teary eyed but he didn’t cry. We wanted to make a video of him crying but unfortunately, he did not cry despite the fact we were shouting, “WOI CRY LA!”

We shook his hand and gave him a hug before he left. Take care in Melbourne dude!

10 thoughts on “Gayvin leaves”

  1. awww..i hate goodbyes too.. but before you know it you guys will be back at the same place but instead welcoming him back. 😀

  2. Why do we end up crying everytime? With every gets harder.. No matter if it’s the first time or the 10th time… *Sigh* life

  3. haha…cruel…you should all have taken turns to hug him and say…dude…you’re gonna be missed–okay fine that tactic worked on me 20 times or so before i *finally* wisened up —

  4. jolyne: hehe yeah 9 months only 😀
    adeline: hehe girls tend to cry easily!
    shin: god damn it, i dont have a digicam!!
    laine: hehehe we took turns to hug him one point he almost cried..
    choon: keke that tctic works most of the time hehe
    tori: hello tori!! welcoem welcome!! ehhehehe
    gayvin! add me to your msn!

  5. evil bunch of buggers!always kena the fella…until online also he damn fann! he did not cry lah after all…damn!ahah

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