Getting “Summoned”

I recently learnt that the term “getting summoned” for weddings referred to the need for guests to graciously attend and extend red packets (ang pow) with money inside as a symbol of good luck for the new marriage of the couple.
One thing that I have been unsure about is this:

How much do you give?

For the minimum (or maximum, depends how you look at it), the money depends on where the lunch or dinner is held. If it’s at a hotel, rough estimation of the cost per head per table may come up to about RM50-100. If it’s only at a restaurant, the same estimation is made, and may “cost” you that much, too – provided shark fin’s soup is served.
It gets tricky, however, if you are attending it alone, or with your partner. I’ve been told that if you are going on your own, RM70 is adequate. As a couple, it’s RM150.
This is the ongoing “rate” in Klang Valley. Should the wedding be held outside Klang Valley, it is lower.
Should you wish you to give a bit more, it’s at your discretion.
Can someone actually verify the minimum rate, please? I just got summoned out of Klang Valley…

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  1. if you can get away with 70 but can afford and are willing to go with 100, might as well just go with the 100. i think it more important to give what you can, not what expected of you

  2. 4th. It depends on where the dinner to be held. If 5 star hotel ballroom… then RM100-150. If normal restaurant like Imperial Palace, Six Hapiness etc… 80-100 lar. If held in those community halls, then 50-80 should suffice.
    But all this depends on your relationship with the bridesgroom/bride. If good friend/hommy, then I think 100 is nice.. ask ur friend who are invited. See if they all paying the same rate. Depends what ur gonna eat too. If vegetarian dinner, dont think its cheap. 🙂
    I got one “red bomb” / “red summon” coming in too for the Mooncake Fest (first Friday of Oct). They said that weekend Sunday is an auspicious day.

  3. ahahah normally leh, minimum rate is RM 50 per head. But if you are not KIAM SIAP, and want to tai FONG a bit, give 100 for 1 person. They sure go ..Wahh…thank you…
    but if u give 50, they’ll go Aiya..50 only…but at least better than nothing…
    Of course, if u earn loads and want to be generous, give 200 lor. HEHEHE

  4. hrm, it depends on how close i am with the person, but i usually gives min rm 100 + wine or smth else….of course the wine i sapu wan la…buy good good wan to drink myself back..HAAHAH

  5. I feel RM100 is like the minimum la.. Come on la RM20-50 difference is like 2-5 copies of “DVDs” only 😛
    If I’m close with the bride/groom, 150-200 is the best. 🙂
    Beside there are people who give like bloody 2 bucks.. I seen it before. So terrible. Really not easy to cover wedding dinner cost le.. 😛

  6. if i’m not close to the person and if it’s in a coffee shop restaurant, also give RM100? ;P
    last time my friend attended a wedding dinner in a restaurant and sat on red plastic stools, wah!
    RM2 is a bit ridiculous.

  7. it depends la. If u give people RM100 then next time u get marry people give u back RM100 la. Anyway, if u do not wanna attend the wedding dinner, just tt the ang pow to your friend la. Save cost mah.

  8. Bimbo: yeah… as frank said. You pau 50 and save cost by not travelling out of town. No choice liao.
    I just received the redbomb yesterday. Lucky its in town and in a ballroom.

  9. It depends on location lar…If you go to restaurant for wedding dinner, you can give RM80 lor…good luck mar..but if you go to ballroom in hotel…pls least RM120…that’s the rate.
    Trust me!!

  10. karheng: i think so RM50 is sufficient, too.
    frank_omatic: maybe i won’t have wedding dinner for everyone, just close friends and family? ;P how much will you give me if i invite you? RM120? ;P
    endroo: good idea! heh. i’m too lazy to travel so far, actually.
    FrentZen: wow, really? RM120? Formal dress?

  11. RM100 if hotel. RM50-80 if restaurant depending how generous u r, oso depend on which town (if small town, de dinner’ll cost abt RM250-RM500 per table only).
    If u’r not attending de dinner, RM30-RM50 to give face. Some ppl dun even bother to give ang pow.

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