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I’ve always been a great fan of ghost stories, especially those told by the person who experienced it. Abner posted his story and I thought it would be great to share it to other ghost story lovers.

I thought that the two of them was out clubbing all night long since it was already 1am on a Friday. Well, it’s not uncommon for them to come home late at night with K either slumped on the sofa like a sack of rotten potatoes or staggered up the stairs in stupor, slamming the door behind her, only to hear her vomiting over the porcelain. A jerk and a pull… a mini whirlpool and silence once again.
I did not bat an eyelid in the morning when I left the house. The car was not there. It seemed the guy and the girl did not come home at all. Anyway I don’t care. Not my business anyway right? Shrug.

It was only after lunch hour on 22nd May 2009 that my phone began to ring. K is on the line. Normally I do not get calls from my housemates at all unless there is something on. So I answered with a casual “What’s up?” Here is where K starts spilling the beans along with her sanity in tow.

Our house got dirty things she said. Before I could get her to rephrase, she has already went into second gear. K is now motormouth incarnated. And I listened intently.

She was not the person who experienced the spirit’s doing. It was WY, the guy. Asking her to break the news seem a bit inappropriate as she has the tendency to lose control of herself, making it looks like she lost her mind as well. And that my friends, freaked me out. Her dramatization really kicks my imagination right in the balls. I swear I could hear something crack. The air conditioning in the office seemed to dip a bit lower along with my heart.

Her narration went something like this:
WY has been feeling uneasy for a while now. It started when he heard a voice speaking into his ear one late night. He was awake placing bets online when he heard a man’s voice. He looked around thinking it was someone in the back alley but there was none. The TV was on low and everyone else was asleep. Chills went down his spine and he went straight to bed. WY was not someone who believed in all these mumbo jumbo about spirits and the unseen, initially. The previous voice incident did spook him but not enough to convert him.

All was well until he woke up one fine day to discover a small but obvious teeth/bite mark under his arm, very close to his left armpit. You can try leaving a bite mark and see. It’s not that easy and doing it while sleeping won’t be easy. He claimed he did not have any girls sleep over so it’s not a love mark. This physical evidence has start to rock his beliefs. WY called up his mother in Penang and got her to the temple to shed some light on this matter. She came back with the news that the sifu (master/medium) said that there is a child spirit residing in the house. WY has kept it from us so far, only confiding in K. And K being the scaredy cat even when in normal mode got even more erratic. Earth Hour can kiss her ass, she was turning on every single pendaflour and ceiling fan in the house, from porch to the bathroom on the upper floor. As for WY, he was still doing fine. Not scared out of his wits. He can handle a child spirit. It was only that the sleepless nights and uneasiness come bed time that made him paid another sifu in Gombak area a visit. Going to sleep every night repeating protective chants has gotten to him. He said he felt like he was being watched every single night.

Long story short. He met the sifu and he brought K along for the ride. Sifu did some chants and a deity took over. The deity was Ji Gong (济公) and he told them the spirit disturbing him was of a woman. A lady spirit dressed in red who has chosen him to be her husband. She has been residing in that area for a long time now since before the construction of houses. It used to be plantation land, dark and damp area. She was butchered into 5 pieces there. That is why she was dressed in red. For vengeance. She roamed the housing estate and now she has decided to stay in our house. And she has chosen to reside in the Kuan Yin idol that WY had brought back from Penang. They had been praying to the idol for a year and a half now without getting blessings from temples. I have been told that to have God enter the idol, first you must bring it to the temple for a simple ceremony before humbly inviting God/Goddess to you abode. The Kuan Yin idol belonged to WY’s grandfather many years back and has been passed on from family to family when some of them converted to other religion and had quite abandoned it. When that happens, where no worshipping has done for a long time, the idol is empty with no holy spirit in it which renders it powerless. Due to ignorance he had brought it back to KL and got an altar, incense and vase. WY and K prays and burn incense everyday, unbeknownst to them, at one point the female spirit has went into the idol. They have been praying to it day and night for at least a year.

When I heard the female spirit in red I already went Oh Shit inside me. But they can’t believe the sifu blindly right? Well he did convince WY. The sifu also said that WY used to pray to Ji Gong when he was young. True, he followed his mum religiously to the temple when he was a kid. He likes to drink alone at home. True, he enjoys drinking liquor or wine alone at home and quite often too. And a few more things. By now Wy as his balls in his throat. K at the side has totally flipped. Sifu also spoke to K a little about her which I don’t remember what. Oh, in case you did not know, the sifu has his eyes closed at all times, because it was now the deity speaking, not the medium.

Did I mention that the lady spirit hates to have other females around WY? Any females close to him will kena. K’s radiator overheats here. She would have literally shat her pants now. She was close to WY. She is imagining the wrath already. And her idle minds has been hell’s playground of late. I can’t stand her now. She would be calling during office hours trying to get my other girl housemate, SY whether she felt anything yet and has her mum ask the temple master to triple check about the house. K also asked if I had a good sleep at night with a hint of cynicism.

By now, shit has hit the fan. I have not seen the both of them in the house since then. Since Thursday night to be precise. I have kept it from SY over the weekend fearing that she would get scared. The first few nights of going inside the house made me feel uneasy. I practically had to calm myself, telling myself not to think too much about it. Be cool as a cucumber. Haha… impossible right? The pressure I tell you. I would stop my car in front of the house and take a minute to compose myself. Mutter a foul word at myself then I step in. Dropping the keys at the door just builds the tension up. I tried avoiding eye contact with the Kuan Yin idol. Honestly I had always tried looking away from the idol. It’s not those friendly, smiling white porcelain idol that one normally sees. It looks ancient, dark grey… a little faded but it has a fierce expression. Even SY’s mum commented on how fierce it looks when she came over last time. I kid you not. WY has even bought a red headgear (similar to the one Tripika sports in Journey to the West, triangular like) and also a red cape on her shoulder. Spice up the aggressiveness. And a gold chain. It’s hard to ignore it’s presence. I would always get a glimpse of it at the corner of my eye.

Last Monday, the four of us met up in a nearby food center for discussion. WY told it to us himself. I had already ask K to shut it. WY and me agrees that she looks crazy. SY gets filled in the details. She don’t seem at all disturbed. Her family are firm believers and followers of Buddhism and her mum ask the four of us to have a discussion with the spirit. Haha… nope, she have not told her mum that it was wearing red. Anyway it was because she wanted her mum to ask another sifu in Penang. Just to get a second opinion. I on the other hand has already got my dad to get a third opinion. All one needs to do is just give the sifu your house address. I smsed my mum. Awaiting reply.

K just could not help herself from flailing her arms around and looking a little wild. Her long hair does not help. And she has been favoring red clothes lately, which I did not notice at all… seems to be her ass talking here. I just deadpan and replied, why don’t you go cut your hair because in movies we seldom see vengeful female spirit in red with short hair. Oh she does have more reasons to freak more than us because in truth she was the one who frequently prays and make offerings to the idol. She admitted that a few of her wishes came true and we reminded her that one must always return the favor. Definitely did not put her mind at ease. More big movement until she knocked her head against a worker’s elbow that she stopped and remain calmer. Note to myself, hit K if she behaves eccentrically, again.

So we are now deciding whether to move out together or go our separate ways. Will be having another discussion soon. Damn I really like staying in this area but according to the sifu in Gombak, the spirit won’t be moving away and it’s presence will absorb our energy, leeching it little by little. For WY, to avoid the spirit following him, he has to move to a place that crosses a river so that the spirit cannot follow. His mum even ask him to get the gold chain off the idol. He has already decided to leave the idol in the house for the next tenant. He also said that the medium told him to do something to the idol when leaving. He did not say what because he thinks it would scare us even more. That’s comforting and considerate of him since SY and me are still staying in the house. Ha. Think not.

If it’s going to set my mind at ease, the piece of information that K shared that day was of no help. She said she called up the agent to say that we would want to move out of the place because the house is not clean. The agent told her that we would have to stay till July, to serve two months notice and also the two months deposit would be forfeited. K argued that the house got spirits how to stay on. Another night would be out of the question. So the agent replied that he is also a Buddhist. He will ask the temple about it. True enough he called up the next day and told K that we can move out tomorrow. What does it mean? Did he really went and ask or the contract does not state that we must stay for two months to serve the notice. Because that is what the deposit is for right? But it’s enough to K go bonkers again.

Did I mentioned that the sifu told WY that he sees no point in giving him an amulet because it might further agitate and alarm (打草警蛇) the female spirit?

We are actually a bit confused. WY heard a man’s voice but was told it was a child spirit. Then it’s now a vengeful female spirit in red. A family? WY mentioned he wanted to put some peas and something else to experiment if it’s really a child spirit because he heard that the child would come out and play. Not a good idea. He also expressed interest to invite a friend with third eye to come over without telling him in advance. Just to see if he can see what is in the house. Another not so good idea.

We have a dog in our house. A Shih Tzu but so far, we have not heard any crying or howling. We even had two big Labradors at our place last time. Nothing. But if the doggie starts doing it anytime soon…..

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  1. a very detailed story that builds up momentum and then suddenly with no satisfactory ending/conclusion….haiz….like most movies nowadays

  2. ya how come no ending, not scary also nothing happen. i thought would have story of things flying around the house

  3. i guess the ghost possessed K cuz abner mentioned that reasonly K dressed in red and abit misbehave, hrmmm hrmm, lets wait for the part 2 then, ask abner faster lar, vry kan cheong..

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