gloomy sunday

I’m turning British. I haven’t bath for 2 days. hehe

During my days at Tapton Hall (which was last year), my British corridor mates have a weird bathing schedule. One of them bathes once a week and drowns himself with perfume the whole week. The other one is better, he baths quite often but the only problem is, his bath last only 5 minutes. I wonder what did he wash and what he did not wash.

Congrations to Ben aka tiberianx for his graduation from Monash Uni.

graduation December 2002: courtesy of wei chen


2 thoughts on “gloomy sunday”

  1. congrats ben!!!!! En Shin and Joy!!!! heheh 🙂 wat bout Sow? hmm? Wei chen u are a fat fuck already!! zing looks the same except that he has more porky meat! LOL!!!!!

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