Good Bye Chuan Kor Kor

When I first met my brother in law, Chuan, I remember him being a buff man with thick eye brows with big shiny eyes. He was probably in his early 30s at that time. He married my sister and both of them moved into a small apartment in Salak South.

I could still remember the days where he would bring me around on his motorcycle. He would place me on the front seat with my hands on the handle. He would then let me accelerate the motorcycle at my preferred pace. Both of us had no helmet then. Nevertheless, we managed to make few rounds around the housing area he lives.

Years later, we lost touch but we recently met up again. Mum said Chuan just bought a taxi and Mum asked me to give him some support. Since I do travel a bit, I would call him sometimes to fetch me to the airport. After years of not seeing each other, we caught up and spent considerable time chit-chatting. I remember spending considerable time talking about the taxi profession. I also remember him telling me to get married young so that I wouldn’t be too old for my children.

Before Chuan had his taxi, he was involved in some carpentry business. However, he wasn’t feeling well and had to resort to something less strenuous. Driving a taxi was his new found profession.

With a wife and children to support, Chuan made his best effort to provide for them. He worked day and night. But the medical fees were taking a toll on the family.

Chuan was a kind man with a good soul. Unfortunately, life was not kind to him. On 5 May 2010, he passed on. I was with him hours after his death. The sight of him lying lifeless was painful.

The buff man with shiny eyes that I know is no longer here. It is sad to see him leave.

May you rest in peace Chuan korkor. I will do my best to help the love ones you have left behind.

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  1. Heaven knows that human life is so fragile. We must learn to accept and let go. Moments have become memories. My condolence too. RIP Bro Chuan.

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