Great Bloopers

One of my must-do things while driving to work is listening to the radio.
It keeps you awake and sometimes, it brightens up your day.
Few days ago, a DJ was asking listeners what were their most embarrassing moment.

A caller called up.

He said, “Couple of years back, I used to work in this company in KL. Everyday, on my way to the office, I’d see this pretty girl. My office was on the 13th floor, hers was 15th.

Everyday, we’ll meet at the lift. We would exchange greetings and that’s all. I was too shy to talk to her. But I wanted to know her better!

Then one day, I decided to post some notes on the windscreen of her car since we park at the same car park. Everyday, I’ll put in different messages such as “you look pretty today!”, “you look great in pink” and “I like the dress you wore today :D”.

It went on for 2 weeks. Then one day, I saw a huge looking man with muscles all over standing next to her car! He grabbed the note, read it and threw it away.

Initially I thought it was her husband or something, my heart started to crack. Then soon I realise…that I put the notes on the wrong car for 2 weeks…

It was the muscle man’s car!!!

DJ: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21 thoughts on “Great Bloopers”

  1. for some reason, i believe that it’s not xes. couple of years ago he couldnt have been working. but then again, he could have just said it was few years ago just to cover the whole thing up…hmm…

  2. Heeee… I like this xes. *LOL* How can he be so Woo Long?
    I hope you were saying “I like this, xes” and not “i like this (woo loong) xes”. cause i wasnt me!!!!!

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