Greetings from San Francisco!

For real this time. It’s my 4th day here and I am still fighting jet lag. The time difference between Malaysia and SF is 15 hours. While everyone is sleeping in Malaysia, I’ll be awake. Makes my afternoon meetings difficult.

It’s been cold here. Shivering cold sometimes. I didn’t bring a thick jacket.

The conference has been good so far. Plenty of meetings and met couple of new people. The name cards that I get now is less than what I used to get on my first INTA conference. Probably because I know more people now – people I see once a year and yet speaks like old time friends.

I’m staying in a boutique hotel called Abri Hotel. It’s small but it’s very near the convention centre.

Every morning there is a strange man shouting incoherent words holding a bible at the front doors of the convention centre. One street away there is a homeless man practicing his kungfu moves on random people walking pass him. Yesterday, there was a marathon and many people were in costumes. Some decided to ditch costumes and ran naked.

There are many strange people in SF.

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