Happy Birthday To Me

Last thrusday (13th May), i had a belated-birthday dinner with my friends at TGIF. Frankly, i cannot remember much of that auspicious night so please bear with me.

The dinner was good because we had pretty girls at the party.

of cause, the food was good too.

Frederick bought me, a tiramisu birthday cake (correct me if i am wrong). Thanks, Fred. You are the best.

On top of that, Frederick and Hun Chong bought me two tall glasses of Graveyards. Thank you, guys.

Then i was asked to give a birthday speech standing on the chair.

After the speech, Mindy sang the TGIF birthday song. It was really good.

Thanks, Mindy.

Please excuse me for making this entry sound like a thank you list. Thanks to the Graveyards, i don’t remember much of what happened that night except of all the lovely people who attended the dinner and the smiles on their faces that night. Thank you so much, people.

13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me”

  1. gguni: thanks,manMike: Hey, mikey. Wish you were there for the drinking session,bro. We could down a few of Purple Haze together. Hahaha…

  2. xEs has matured, I can still remember his long hair… like hantu when I first met him. And now, he looks like a married man, with 5 kids. good on ya, cL

  3. anti-xes: How come u r against xes but ur link say ker-hoong.xes.cx? =Pkf: Kai pei, don’t lar say like that at least people came for the dinner lar.ascorman: Thanks wei,brader. dun worry if u cannot come this friday lar, just buy me a drink when the stock market rebounce to 800 points lar.

  4. kerhoong whats wit hthe praises??? surely got ulterior motive..ada udang disebalik batu onee… keke

  5. hahaha.. frank dude.. purple haze.. aiYa.. hahaha.. i remember those.. damn, actually haven’t had one in a while.. o.Ohehe. good to see that you had a gr8 b-day..take it easy bro..miKe

  6. the mofos didnt tell u my reason r ? some relative died la, it’s not that i don’t want to come..had to go for the ceremony…was kinda last min., i was gutted i couldnt go too la..hehe, reali!

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