HARDSEQUENCE presents SOLID @ Solar, Damansara Perdana – Sat. 19.4.2008

Yet another hard thumping night for KL-lites!

As some of you may know, the Bass Agents are of one of the people behind Hardsequence. The Bass Agents even has their own line of clothing. Check out their online store here! (Click for link). It’s amazing to see our home grown boys launching their own line of clothing. GanGaGuGu when you gonna stop selling KFC and open a shop aaa??

DJ GanGaGuGu

New stuff – but sold out!
Their line of clothing got so well known until some dudes decided to produce counterfeit t-shirts. LOL!

On a related note, I’m selling off my MelbourneShuffler hoodie. I’ve never worn it before. It’s been lying on my chair since the good guys @ Melbourne Shuffler
sent it to me last year. Unfortunately, this hoodie is no available @ the MelbourneShuffler website.

I think it’s a waste if it stays lying on my chair. Starting bid is RM50 (US$15) (not inclusive of RM15 for postage and handling). The bidding will close 7 days from this entry.
Start bidding now!
P/S www.xes.cx is coming out with its own tshirt soon. Watch this space!

21 thoughts on “HARDSEQUENCE presents SOLID @ Solar, Damansara Perdana – Sat. 19.4.2008”

  1. efly: fixed! thanks! if forumers get free, means i need to pay for u guys…therefore formers MUST BUY.!! kekeke

  2. eh..51 bucks!! serious wan -_- unless somene comes along with 52, i will bi 53! but RM 51!!! hopefully no oneelse reads this post and it comes to me!!

  3. darren: u wana buy or not!
    Amos: cannot la, im not the one doing the baju. a local designer will be! let her make some $$
    kink: bahger revenge now la! kkekek
    chikhan: i can assure you no cum stains!

  4. CL: ahahaha, canot ar?:P got cum stains, dont buy dont buy…joy bidder, kindly simply place your bid..ahahahhahaa…damn, im so evil.:s
    btw, where’s the design of the xes.cx t’s lar??The forum thread been abandoned damn long ago…

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