Hearts Prawn Mee.

Xes’s housemate, Hearts made prawn Mee for us tonight. Xes, Khai Fei, Chuo Ming and I ate two bowls while Alex had three. It was very good. However, after that I had a bit of stomach discomfort. So far I had been to the toilet twice; I might need to go again. I am not sure whether it is the prawn or whether the soup is a bit too oily for me. It could be the pork as well. Apparently, I took a lot of pork, above 8 pieces because I have not had pork for quite awhile. Wen Dee was not too please about it while the others think I was selfish. Sorry, people, I have got to have pork at least once a week However, I doubt it was the Pork. It could be my stomach itself because I have a weak stomach. I cannot eat too fast, cannot take food that is too hot, and cannot drink anything that is too sour and if I have too much ice-cream, I will have to stay in the toilet for almost the whole night. There was once that I slept in the toilet for the whole night after eating Tom Yam steamboat with my friends at one of the restaurant in Malaysia. Anyway, the Prawn Mee was fantastic. The best prawn Mee I ever tasted in UK so far.

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