Hectic Week

It is going to be an extremely hectic week. This week I will be sitting for my patent agent examination, a qualification examination for those who wants to be a patent agent. Immediately after my exams, I have to take a bus down to Singapore to attend the Asian Patents Attorney Association Council meeting. This will last until Wednesday. On the next day, I will be giving a talk at the Forum on Blogging and Defamation, something which I have not prepared at the moment. Streesss aahhh! I guess I’ll talk about the time when someone threatened me with legal action and police report.

My patent agent qualification examination started off today with the Technology paper. It’s a 3 hours paper which requires me to answer questions like “Explain and Illustrate the operation of a jet engine/air conditioner/toilet tank/ stroke engine etc. I was quite worried a day before the exams – not because of the paper but because of unexpected events such as diarrhea, something that hit when a day before my Certificate of Legal Practice examination 4 years ago.

Although the Technology paper looks quite tough from the outset, it is actually quite easy. In fact, the answers for the questions can be obtained from a book called “The Way Things Work” by David Macaulay. It’s a children book.

The book uses a lot of elephants to illustrate the drawings. And the bloody elephant book costs me RM95.

I will be sitting for my exams for the next 4 days. Updates will be scarce.

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