He’s Not the One

I was eagerly gushing about the boyfriend to my mother, sister and brother the other day, excited that he was going to whisk me away for a romantic holiday. While my mother and sister put on their make up at the dressing table, I continued to gush on about him being sweet and extremely attentive, and most of all, I felt like he was THE ONE.
My mother, sister and brother were rather quiet and not very responsive. Occasional grunts and ‘mmhmm’s’ were the only signs that they were barely paying attention to me.
After gushing on for about half hour to a passive audience, I finally blew my top and screamed at them.
“What is wrong with you people?! Here I am, so happy about being back together with him, and you guys cannot even be happy for me?!”
It was then my mother decided to tell me the reason behind their passiveness. Upon visiting a fortune teller, it was told that getting back together with this ex-boyfriend was a mistake. He was just using me for evil purposes and should we actually get married, we would not last long. It would be a cold marriage where he’d have a mistress and I would be left alone at home, clueless.
“You have to break off the relationship NOW. Don’t go on that holiday with him, or you will never escape.” my mother advised me.
It felt like the beginning of a horror story.

Wait a minute.
Why this ex-boyfriend? What fortune teller?
F*cking hell. It was just a bloody nightmare I had last night! Of all people, I dreamt of my ex??
FYI, I still adore my crush like mad, despite the distance. ;P
And why are you still reading this post? Aren’t you supposed to be at William’s tonight for the gathering?! GO!!! 😉

10 thoughts on “He’s Not the One”

  1. Zomg…..1st!
    Can’t make it to the gathering
    I don’t believe in fortune tellers.
    But i do know a few people who believe in all that mumbo jumbo and who ha.
    Bimbobum: Sometimes i believe that dreams have a meaning, but your one is weired. You broke up with your ex along time ago and there is another guy in your life right now. Why are u thinking about your ex and why does it seem like your dream is warning you about him?. Just a guess…is it because u haven’t fully let your ex go and your dream is trying to tell you too.

  2. bimb: yeah, have to agree with scuzzy, i guess you’re still thinking about your ex. but it could be because of you’ve gotten so used to your ex due to perhaps you guys have been going out for a long time that it leaves a heavy heart. however, it does not mean anything unless your heart tells you so.
    i guess, the thing with fortune tellers is that, its not always true. happiness is at our own grasp, we might not control fate, but we can steer the direction 🙂

  3. Scuzzy & allan: honestly, seriously, i never thought about my ex, you know! that’s why the dream was bad.
    KhinKo and karheng got go meh? 😉
    where got FFK? i never RSVP also! eehehehee

  4. man, the way people stupidly pay fortune tellers tons of money to tell them a bunch of crap, i should be a fortune teller too since no special skills is needed other than being able to bullshit, which i must profess, i am fairly competent at. unfortunately i chose to be a lawyer instead of a fortune teller, which is why i make less money.

  5. chuoming: lol…I also believe that you should be a fortune teller. Fortune tellers and layers are quite similar. Both take advantage of people in desperate situations, both provide advise and recommendations for a fee, and both are good at lying, convincing and manipulating the truth. Only difference being, lawyer are more socially acceptable.

  6. Bimbo: me,xes,amos all oso got attend the gathering, ish ish, karheng didnt turn up oso…
    sometimes i do dream about my x too, juz sudden dream lar, nothing much, more over, she already married..ahahha,dream bout my current gf better..lol

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