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I recently got approached by Nuffnang to write an advertorial for Honda. The theme is passion and dedication. In this advertorial, I have to nominate someone who portray the image of being passion and dedicate.

My earlier choice was Yvonne Foong. Some of you may recall that I contributed RM200 to her Neurofibromatosis (NF) Fund in order assist her in saving her eyesight.

Yvonne Foong had a normal childhood and grew up like most of us. But when she reached 13 years old, she began to lose her hearing. She then lost the use of both her legs and her bodily functions kept failing. She discovered that she had tumours in her brain and along the spinal cord. Many of these tumours were removed but one tumour seems to be affecting her eyesight. If treatment is not given, she may go blind.

Instead of relying on her parents to raise funds, she embarked on a journey to raise funds herself and raise awareness on NF. Her sheer dedication has helped her raised funds for her surgery. She had, with the help of her friends, launched various campaigns to raise funds. I think the campaigns that they had is quite valuable in the sense that the strategy that they employed can be used for others having similar problems.

If this would happen to me, I would have given up long time and wait for judgement day.

But after much deliberation, I thought I would nominate TV Smith, for his role in trying to save the 300 dogs exiled in a remote island off Pulau Ketam and publicizing the same. If some of you may recall, some residents of Pulau Ketam caught their stray dogs and sent them to a remote island. The damned island does not have a suitable environment for the dogs to survive (even for human).

The older internet users would remember TV Smith for his humorous blog postings at his blog at

TV Smith in the middle

Upon hearing about the miserable doggies, TV Smith and his friends embarked on a journey and campaign to save the dogs from dying miserably in the island. They spent numerous days and risked their lives to save the dogs. One even got fired for spending too much time saving the dogs.

TV Smith and his friends had to find boats to travel to the remote island and enlist volunteers to help out in the rescue. The dogs that they try to rescue are not all ‘friendly’. Many would run away when seeing human beings. They had to employ numerous tactics to lure the dogs so that the dogs can be caught and transported to a safer place.

It’s like a human being trying to regain the trust of our furry friends by rectify the another human’s error. If I were to do that, I would have raked thousands of billable hours.

He and his friends’ efforts had save numerous dogs from perishing in the damned island.

Yes, I do agree that his friends had put in a lot of effort in saving the dogs as well but what made TV Smith stood out is the publicity he caused via his blog. His daily updates highlighted the hardship that the dogs and the volunteers had gone through. Not only he managed to raise awareness, he raised funds as well.

In view of the above, I must nominate, the man of the moment, TV Smith for being the most passionate and dedicated person I know.

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  1. thanks zoe! pls vote for him! πŸ˜€ we need to save more dogs so that dogs like caramel has more playmates and dont need to ‘dance’ to pillows.

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