Hot FM Hot Shuffle

I thought my eyes were playing with my mind when I saw some chaps in a KFC television commercial shuffling after eating something called Hot Rod. The dance resembles the Melbourne Shuffle and after catching the commercial second time, I can’t believe it. Kentucky Fried Chicken is endorsing the Melbourne Shuffle!!!
Check out their latest advertisement!!

But the chap in office attire is actually Frankson, one of my old raving kakis! Looks like his acting career which started from a U-Mobile commercial has move up a notch!!
And this is not the only thing that amazes me…there’s even a competition which awards the winner a trip to Melbourne, Australiaaa!! ZomGGG
To enter:
– Starting from 10 November, chase some stupid Hot FM Viva Zoomerz at their location
– Show them your lousy skills
– Strut your stuff and they will record you
– From 8 – 12 December, a panel of judges and listeners will determine the luck of the winner through a vote
– Best shuffler gets to qualify to the semi finals. 20 finalists will qualify for the finals
– Overall winner will win a trip to Melbourne worth RM8,000.
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3 thoughts on “Hot FM Hot Shuffle”

  1. when my friend told me about it, I could not believe it until i see it for myself, a super WTF moment, man what has happen to the Melbourne shuffle? WTF!

  2. yup… WTF……
    Amos: The dance went to the “wrong hands” and became a piece of shit, self proclaiming its “the dance” when they are all prepping themselves to head over the olympic games for the running man competition……

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