i am a fat fuck..oh yeah

Kickboxing was fun again. Loads of technical kick and punches.

Well Mum is trying to stop me from going kickboxing. She literally calls me a fat fuck now. This is because I’ve been gaining loads of weight ever since I got back from England (yeah especially the chin). She said kickboxing makes me eat more and makes my body go bigger. Well I don’t really eat much.

At night, I usually have sweet and sour pork rice with egg, steam fish, vegetable, kaya dumpling, roti kosong, nasi lemak kambing with egg and the list goes on. Well, sometimes with fruits, chocolate bars and toasted bread.

Ahh, it’s not a lot. Sumo wrestlers eat 3 stoves of rice a day okay..

6 thoughts on “i am a fat fuck..oh yeah”

  1. what ghey shit? have a cup of shut the fuck up la!! hehecm: hehehe, no worries. you are still the double chin legend of sheffield hahahalynnlynn: rotiboy…mmmm :D~~

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