I am sooo tired…

I don’t know how to even begin to explain (and I probably choose not to) how hard the last few days have been for me and many of us. Truth, lies, misunderstanding, too many people getting involved and way too much unnecessary hurt inflicted on one another. Every ounce of strength that I ever had in me has been taken away from me and I dunno how long I can take this anymore…

Everything will be alrite” seems to be my mantra for the past few weeks. Once something gets alrite, something new pops up unexpectedly to agonize about. If someone up there is listening to me, please please please I never wanted a break as badly as I want one now.

I don?t think I am the only one who notices that all my posts lately seem to have something paranormal in them ;)? so not to break the trend, here is something I have been meaning to tell you guys about but I kept forgetting. The third day of my hospital stay, when the nurses moved me to another ward to be closer to my doctors, beside me, was a lady – Sasha, who was very kind. She would nag me to drink more water, to eat and always checked on me. When I woke up the next morning, she came over to me and told me not to worry coz I was going to be okay. I looked at her questioningly and she told me that she saw angels all around my bed while I slept that night, so I was going to be alrite? I dunno if it was really true, but it felt like the most beautiful thing to hear in the morning? πŸ˜€

Like Leong’s post says… we are pretty much busy with exams (which I am not tooo bothered about-la) so wish us lotsa LUCK LUCK LUCK!!! πŸ˜€ Good Luck to everyone else taking exams these few weeks too! See you guys again soon after… *muAks** *MUaks*


3 thoughts on “I am sooo tired…”

  1. aww babe…just hang in there k? it will be over soon (i hope) you are handling it really well. oh…and the angel thing is such a nice thought. keep that in mind… ;o)

  2. cool girl… its already out of your hands so let it go. and concentrate on what really does matter right now

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