I Detest Ear Thermometers!


I suddenly came down with a cold yesterday and if you don’t know by now, I really detest having a cold! I hate stuffy or running noses, they irritate the heck out of me.

I don’t like feeling chilly as well, despite 5 layers of clothing (bra included). I don’t like having watery eyes or the loss of taste – no point in eating when I’ve got a cold, grrrr!

So I went to the doctor, hoping to get some Clarinase. Instead, he gave me this bottle of nasal spray, which looks more like the one where you dainty girls spray mist on your face? Yah. “Sea Water”, this one says.

At a glance, I thought it even said “Psychological Sea Water Microspray”! Hehehe.

The doctor asked, “Have I taught you how to use a nasal spray before?”

I said no, and he proceeded to teach me.

Apparently, when you stick it into your left nostril, it should be pointed to your left ear. When you stick it into your right nostril, you point it to your right ear. DO NOT stick it in and point it towards the back of your head. No no no, apparently. It is WRONG.

The nasal passage is on the sides of your nose.

Thereafter, the doctor asked if I had a temperature. I told him I felt chilly. He used the ear thermometer to take my temperature, only to tell me, after 2 seconds, that I did NOT have a temperature.

“But…,” I protested, but it fell onto deaf ears.

So I just sat in the office, with 2 jackets on like it was freezing in the North Pole.

I detest the ear thermometer!!!! This is the second time it has failed me. Sobs.

Unfortunately, it seems to be VERY accurate, if you google it up.

I’m off to bed. I’ve got sleep with 3 pillows behind my head to be able to breathe. Sigh.

4 thoughts on “I Detest Ear Thermometers!”

  1. Clarinase is not for cold? o_O Its for allergies, have you got allergies or cold..?
    Why nasal spray?? Try getting cold and flu tabs at the Pharmacy, e.g. Sudafed, Codral 😛 not sure if KL has it…it’ll clear up your nose..
    Talking about cold.. “arrchiu”

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