i dun like strange ppl very much…

BLOG BLOG BLOOOGGGG!!!!!!!!!!! I bet everyone of Leong’s guest bloggers have gotten that msg from him on ICQ or MSN or SMS at one point or other. 😀 *waves at Leong* 😀

Anyway, life hasn’t been all exciting for me hence the hiatus. But there is this one stalker episode which I really wanna voice out and hopefully he reads it. HAH! Crash and burn!!!

Stalker may have been too harsh a word for him. But he was just plain scary. I hate it when we have to build up rapports and networks when we start working. So many people tend to mistaken these superficial and pretentious ‘friendships’ to mean something more. But only so few seem to get it that non-replies really means fuck off. Ok sure when he started a conversation, I have got to layan the first few replies but after that, when he started to get all creepy with his poems and affectionate name calling .. hell, buzz off, I never want or ever wanted any of these.

I cannot make it more obvious that I wasn?t remotely interested by not replying his msgs or even picking up his phone calls. At one time, I got like 30 missed calls in less than 15 minutes. And then he got all violent by sending me chains of intimidating and hostile msgs. You have got some nerve, you dick. And after that little episode you dare to pretend as if nothing happened and continued with all the affectionate name calling in msgs once again. Everytime I receive them, I feel like vomiting. I wonder how can someone be so thick to just expect a girl to like them just because you spoke to them before. Fuck off, you sad man. He even went as far as to claim to know he knew me psychologically. PSYCHO. (you guys should have read the email he sent, it was stupid/scary in a hilarious way, reading about how much he knows about a person just after one chance meeting) I am not yours to call princess ? heck or anything at all for that matter! ? and I wish you freaking leave me alone. Stop sending me msgs. Stop trying to call me. Stop emailing me. Just stop harassing me, damnit. I can?t get more obvious than this.

Ok. Finally got it out of my system. The fella was really bothering me and bringing it up with Chen didn?t help since all he wants to do is smash his face in.. *thank you dear, but no thanks, k? You can relax your knuckle sandwich now.. yes yes dear.. you can put down the bat too?

On a lighter (I think….) note, have any of you guys seen Happy Tree Friends?? When the video started, I was like “awwwww….” (then it was downhill from there) “aww- ARGH OMG!! ARGHHH!!! OH SHIIEETT! THAT POOR- OMG OMG OMG RUN U POOR TH- ARGH! ARGH SHIET!!! YEEE!! ARGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

*fans myself slowly……. takes a slow deep breath…….

And so yeah, here’s the link for those who have no idea what I am going on about – Happy Tree Friends!

21 thoughts on “i dun like strange ppl very much…”

  1. Muz haf been scary. Buurrrrrr. I would have employ the “Miriam” tactic and see how he copes wif that.Would really love to see his face when the dude he’s crazy over, is a dude. Hahahahahahahahaoh man….better stop before i break anymore keyboards..:p

  2. hahaha…wendee….ask him to fuck off. That works. Expect a million more sms, then just call him one day, and say…..”you bloody fucking cunt, shut the fuck up before i fuckin whack your mother with a fucking huge bat and stuff it up your ass. U stop fucking calling me, u fucked up sicko before I call the police…. ” And ahh……. u feel the relief….and he’ll stop.

  3. xes: Damn u blow my cover. Crap. Hahahahahahha…..kerhong: Dat’s a bit violent.I still think the Miriam tactic better. But then again sometimes u got to fight fire wif fire.dee: Miriam is a pre-op transvestite. She has breast implants and still has his/her penis attched. Not sure about the balls though. Din go into that much of a detail. But it’s currently showing in Australia and next week is the week where she reveals her/his true self to the unsuspecting man/men/bi.On top of that, she’s been invited to crash the Australia Big Brother this Friday. Wouldn’t miss it for da world even though exams are killing me.

  4. kerhong: violent!! but haha yeap will keep tat in mind if he continues to bother me!!.myko, gguni: i like the preview part in the toy box when the little yellow rabbit got picked :Drhyme: not evil, just natural for any other guy to react that way, i guess.. 😀

  5. the “happy” tree friends rock man!i love it man!hahah…need to get the dvd!die little bears! die!*insert evil laughter here*

  6. check your company policy. I’m sure there’s a Code of Conduct/Treatment of Others.This is quantified as harassment, you can send him packing out of your sight.wow, i clicked only once but…

  7. hmmm. for a psycho who actually went this far i doubt he’ll stop at mere threats. he’s rather enjoying the amusement of harassing people rather than really going after them. you could just ignore it, long enough to had him feeling silly and bored out of the idea though. probably another sick immature rich fuck.when all fails, the bat and knuckles solution works best. then again, im a giant killer panda with a shotgun, so that’s just me.

  8. u should seriously complain to your bosses, afterall, isn’t what he’s doing…harrassment?miriam tactic is good: buy a cucumber and hide it between your legs…then ask him to feel. Must also ask “U dont mind right? U like trans? And i’m not talking bout the music”

  9. i concur with sim the fag. threats will not work. I’d recommend a straight laced serious talk about his advances. ofcourse he’ll probably try to save his face by saying “wah u damn perasaan lah”. Damn sometimes i wish i was a woman so id know how to deal with such bs. If worse come to worse get kuantan to pack his ass like a suitcase.

  10. dogma: yeah man.. fuckin pisseed off.. if onli i see him.. prob would like to pack his ass in the suit case if i’m allow to..

  11. wendee, do u actually want serious assistance from these people, or r u just venting ur anger? Everyone’s taking this too seriously… ESPECIALLY DOGMA!!!!

  12. I still prefer the yippie kah yeh Bruce Willis alwiz do in Die Hard. Make sure u strap some C4 on his d**k before u press the button to blow it up.*evil laughter wif lightning and thunder in da background*

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