I got involved in a fight

Few days back, I had one bizarre fight – with a cat.

It was after work. I got out from my car and I heard loud hissing sounds from my front door. It was a huge cat beating up one of my cats, which my Mum fondly calls “Pak Pak” (literally means white white).

Pak Pak was hiding underneath a chair and Fat Cat was trying to force his way underneath the chair. Being the master of Pak Pak, I immediately rolled my newspaper in a club and ran to save Pak Pak from the evil Fat Cat.

Upon reaching them, Pak Pak ran out from the chair and Fat Cat started attacking Pak Pak. I swung my paper club towards Fat Cat but I missed and hit the floor. Before I could regain myself, Fat Cat jumped toward my left shoulder and head butted my shoulder. THE BLOODY CAT HEAD BUTTED ME MAAAHEEEMMM!!

Fat Cat ran away immediately. I grabbed a wooden pole and started chasing Fat Cat like a tribesman hunting a deer. Unfortunately, Fat Cat managed to escape.

Now I got a bruised shoulder. I got p4wned by a cat!

11 thoughts on “I got involved in a fight”

  1. woah.. owner defend own cat… seems same as me… but mostly i try to get some stone to throw it…but mostly I’m mr MISS…. but at least can chase that raider away ^^

  2. Dude… for the cat to even dare attack you in the first place… you must have looked like a pussy to him 😛 😛

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