I like the way you move!!

[“I like the way youu movee!!!” (Latest Dance Song from MobyBody Rockers) plays on the background.. ]

A: hey I like that song. It’s cool.
Me: Eh do you know it’s a gay song? When they play this at clubs, gay men would take off their shirts, throw their hands up in the air and swing themselves like sotongs (octopus)?
A: O_O ehhhh….. I’m not gay!! B, tell him I’m not gay!!
(B looks at A)
B: you’re gay.

P/S: My apologies if I have offended any gay men!

19 thoughts on “I like the way you move!!”

  1. not to mention it is the song used to advertise the lesbo of all lesbo shows on telly – the L word! LOL. no offence to lesbians. “lesbo” is not derogatory, it’s a shortform 🙂

  2. dude, you totally spammed pps.
    excellent song tho. the vocalist has a dead sexy voice. the l word has loadsa sexy songs.
    so is it cream or liquid? us girls would definitely like to go watch guys take their shirts off, gay or not.

  3. julz: try liquid 😀 or visit http://www.fridae.com for more info la “D
    honfaai: xes club is in sheffield. hek hek. what a coincidence.. cream is anot a ghey club. i think..
    oblique: what lesbo show???? i want to see!!
    Applegal: aiyah, listen to the lyrics, the way the song was sung and the type of song..then ull understand. i’m not the first person saying its a ghey song.
    von: the song makes my hair stand
    kerly: ops.. sorry! its MT’s fault! it kept pinging pps eventime i try saving the post! :s mmmm …to see gay men dancing like sotongs, please head down to liquid. its behind central market. yes, i’ve been there once. no, im not gay!!

  4. booyaa!!!…who’s going to the revelation in PD this saturday???…hope to see some of you guys there!!!…until then, so long…long live ALI G!!!…loved him during my 3 years of studying in UK(2000-2003)…booyaa!!!

  5. liquid? is that the one next to that thai club (next to nouvo) upstairs? I thought close down already.
    I want to go one, but my gay friend went back to the states already. No more kaki to boogy with. They are damnnnnnnnn fun lar.

  6. Actually xes in my personal opinion, u should stop apologising for expressing ur own opinion or views or in this case, a conversation u and ur fren had.
    If they don’t like it, they can fuck off.
    Don’t u think? It’s my personal opinion la….

  7. gguni: hehe cant ler. i got some gay friends too, most of them laugh at it but better not offend them la. otherwise…somebody’s gonna get a hurt real bad….somebody….i’m not going to say who.. oh i think u might know him very well!!
    julz: nono its behind central market.
    frostie: LOL!!!

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