I sleep better with Chipster!

Nuffnang, the best blog advertising company in Asia, celebrated its 1st anniversary on 27 February 2008. And in celebrating this joyous occasion, Nuffnang is throwing a party with bloggers from Malaysia and Singapore themed the Pajama Party at Borneo Baruk Club in Kuala Lumpur on the 15th of March 2008.
To get access to the party you just need to write a blog entry according to the theme, it’s limited to 300 places to get your entry in quick. In line with the election fever…

Vote for Parti Cap Chipster! I sleep better with them in power… (subliminal message intended :D)

4 thoughts on “I sleep better with Chipster!”

  1. ahahha when u posted this, i just recall in the papers today a local fastfood outlet did something similiar too with the products due to election fever

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