I Wish….

I Wish our beloved KL city can be green like this;

I Wish DBKL will stop chopping down trees around the city and replace it with fake looking trees like this…

13 thoughts on “I Wish….”

  1. I feel much better looking at the “tree”. Isn’s that a morning jug or something? Carnivourous plant. Eats animals for breaky.
    On another note, there were raids against terrorist here in Sydney and Melbourne. ASIO ( Australia Intelligence) and AFP (Australian Federal Police) raided several houses during the wee hours in the morning and arrested some people. I think it was 10 or 11.
    Reminds me of the computer game CS.
    “Go Go Go”
    “Storm the front”
    chucks a grenade at team mate.
    “Fire in the hole”
    Grenade explodes

  2. some years back, driving along the North-South highway, i saw billboards claiming “We Green The Earth” or something in that manner. These were signs placed next to oil palm plantations, and you know the abundance of these in west malaysia, right?
    i can’t help but think, yeah right, you destroy the natural flora in the surrounding landscapes and plant all these identical palms and still make such statements… nevertheless, it’s one of malaysia’s main produce.. but heck, i still think it’s stupid to put such signs up.

  3. it’s so damn ugly la, but the local govts are always doing stupid things like this. i think it’s because local govts are run by malays la. i can’t seem to think of any other explanation.

  4. I also hope the government would stop wasting money “sun tanning” the tree into creepy purple and green lights along the highway and use the money for a better use like you said;planting more REAL trees. *_*

  5. smileyface: Why can’t we have real trees with decorative light? I remember PJ had those once upon a time.
    julz: Whenever the city Council anounce that they are making the city into a Garden City, take out that page of the newspaper and throw in in the waste paper bin. As Alex Ferguson put it, “Bullock!!!”

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