Ipoh Road Trip – Part VI – Kellie’s Castle

The last time I came here was probably when I was in primary school. The place has changed a lot. Entrance fee of RM4 has been imposed, the place has been beautified and some restoration work has been done.
Kellie’s Castle is an unfinished mansion which was abandoned after the death of its owner. This mansion is built on top of a hill – with an underground cellar and even an elevator, a unique fixture in 1915. Further, on the highest floor, there is a rooftop courtyard for parties.

This tower is to house the elevator

Rumours had it that Kellie’s Castle is haunted. Some ghost stories are posted on the wall for patrons to read.

Kellie’s ghost is said to haunt this stretch.


Left – The Bar Room
Right – The Cellar

This is where the elevator should be

View from the rooftop

Badly vandalised 🙁
Sadly, Kellie’s Castle is badly vandalised. I see loads of scribbles on the wall and even on the floor. Some are embedded hence removing them seems impossible.

No law would be useful if no one enforces it.

Many of these scribbles are scribbles confessing love to each other. Why ah? Is there a legend to say that all lovers who scribble their names in Kellie Castle would be granted everlasting love? Bugger, I bet if Uncle Kellie reads these scribbles, he’ll haunt them at night.
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3 thoughts on “Ipoh Road Trip – Part VI – Kellie’s Castle”

  1. Woah, roof top for party space….huge roof top they got there, fuuuyoohhh…
    Uncle Kellie said: who ever who scribble their name at my place would be granted to hell…HOoooRRghhh!!!

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